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A look at South Beach Smoke E Cigarette

A well known fact for decades, the inhalation of over 400 carcinogenic toxins found in conventionally smoked cigarettes are directly related to some very serious health concerns, some of which have been proven to be life threatening.  With no alternatives available to smokers who once consumed these toxin induced products, smokers faced harsh decisions until the introduction of the south beach smoke electronic cigarette.

The 100% smoke free technology of the south beach smoke e cigarette, introduced a new trend in smoking, a alternative means to continue smoking without the inhalation of harmful toxins; a new “trend setting” approach to smoking, with no inhalation or expulsion of smoke, providing a healthier environment for all concerned.

“Smokeless” Technology

The “smokeless” technology of the south beach smoke electronic cigarette has often been referred to as “quitting smoking”. Depending on the definition and individual interpretation of the term, south beach smoke is in essence, “quitting smoking” due to no inhalation of smoke or other health related toxins, a common by-product of conventional cigarettes. Present consumers of the south beach smoke e cigarette have reported a noticeable improvement in overall health concerns with a reduction in sick days previously needed when smoking traditional cigarettes.

The “smokeless” technology of the south beach smoke electronic cigarette also eliminates “second-hand smoke” found to be a direct cause of premature deaths of non-smokers, exposed to poisons emitted into the air by conventional cigarettes. With the nationwide ban on smoking in public places and facilities, the “smokeless” technology of the south beach smoke e cigarette has once again become accepted in places once governed by the nationwide smoking ban.

 “Smokeless” Emissions

A visible “simulated” smoke is exhaled when using the south beach smoke electronic cigarette. This “simulated” smoke is immediately reduced to water vapor by the stainless steel atomizer of the south beach smoke e cigarette containing no harmful toxins for others in close proximity to inhale. The exhaled “simulated” smoke of south beach smoke is odor free keeping clothes, interior of homes and automobiles fresher, cleaner with reduced expenditures of cleaning bills and needed repairs or replacements due to burn holes from hot dropped ashes of conventional cigarettes. South beach smoke electronic cigarette requires no lighters or open flames for full flavored smoking enjoyment.

Tobacco Cartridges

The south beach smoke electronic cigarette offers a wide variety of flavor cartridges to meet all individual preferences. The current available cartridges include:

  • Full Flavor Tobacco
  • Menthol
  • Cherry
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Variety pack (Includes a selection of all available flavors)

Available in strengths from full flavor to light, ultra light to “no nicotine”, south beach smoke e cigarette provides complete smoking satisfaction that is second to no others.

Overall Value

Compared to similar available brands of electronic cigarettes, south beach smoke electronic cigarettes are reasonably priced with the highest overall value and customer satisfaction ratings of all such selections available on the Internet. South beach smoke e cigarette offers alternatives to smoking conventional cigarettes and proven to be a healthier choice.

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