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A look at what LUCI E cigs offers

There is one thing that all smokers can agree on, smoking is expensive. With the rising costs of conventional cigarettes, smoking consumes a large portion of weekly income with no end in sight to rising prices. In addition, although rarely considered by present day smokers, smoking conventional cigarettes has adverse effects on general health conditions of which some have been linked to more serious illnesses.

With the development and the introduction of the luci electronic cigarette, advanced technology becomes a major factor in the production of a “smokeless” electronic cigarette that is capable of producing complete smoking satisfaction without the harmful omissions of “second-hand smoke” or the inhalation of over 400 carcinogenic poisons, a common by-product or all conventionally smoked cigarettes. With “smokeless” technology incorporated into the design of the luci electronic cigarette, a whole “new” evolution in smoking has now begun.


It is a well know fact that smoking traditional cigarettes contains over 400 carcinogenic poisons including the inhalation of tar, coating the inner lung linings with a “black cloud” that is alarming and concerning when viewing x-rays during annual check-ups. With frequent and daily use of the luci e-cigarette all harmful intake of toxins are removed due to the superior performance of the luci electronic cigarette. Through thoughtful research of dedicated and experienced scientists and testing laboratories, the luci electronic cigarette has proven to be successful in the elimination of health hazards, inclusive in all conventionally smoked cigarettes.


The luci electronic cigarette offers a full line of starter kits starting at the low introductory price of only$59.00. Smokers of conventional cigarettes, depending on smoking frequencies and trends, may spend the equivalent amount on over-priced conventional cigarettes without receiving or recognizing the full benefits of a “smokeless” luci e cigarette. The luci electronic cigarette starter kits comes complete with an specified amount of flavor filled cartridges, depending on the starter kit selected, with one luci e cigarette cartridge equal to approximately one pack of over-priced conventional cigarettes. Current availability of the luci e cigarette starter kits include:

  • Luci Basic starter kit with five (5) flavor filled cartridges for only $59.99
  • Luci Extended starter kit with thirty(30) flavor filled cartridges for only $99.99
  • Luci Advanced starter kit with fifty-five (55) flavor filled cartridges for only $149.99
  • Luci Complete starter kit with one-hundred and five (105) flavor filled cartridges for only $199.99.

It is conceivable and understandable to assume that the prices for the luci electronic cigarette starter kits are expensive, however when considering all presented facts and the cost of conventional cigarettes currently at $6.00 or more, the average smoker of traditional cigarettes will spend in excess of $160.00 per month on traditional cigarettes continuing on a downward spiral with daily inhalation of toxins on a repetitive nature with no resolution.

Easy Decision

The luci electronic cigarette review continues to add support to the overall superiority of this ingenious discovery. Luci electronic cigarette offers the smokers of traditional cigarettes an opportunity to “escape” from old habits with the introduction of a product which continues to change the smoking lives of millions of individuals daily. Luci electronic e cig makes switching from old traditional ways of smoking to a “new” method of smoking a formidable and easy decision.


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