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Best Vape Pens

Best Vape Pens

Smoking is an age old recreational ability that is not going anywhere soon. As we all know, technology has been growing and a very rapid rate and nearly all the sectors of our economy have experienced the golden technology touch, including smoking. The new addition to the age old smoking fad is the new Electronic cigarette’s, also known as vapor cigarette’s. These Vapor cigarette’s are becoming very popular because of their elegant and stylish design. Vapor cigarettes not only form a smoking habit, but they also help you kick a way your smoking habits

What is a vapor cigarette?
This cigarette look much like the regular cigarettes, they produce a smoke like vapor and glow when they are lit, but on a closer look, this is where the similarities end. Generally a vapor cigarettes is made up of a battery, an atomizer a cartridge. They are compact and light weight, allowing the users to hold and use them as the normal cigarette’s. The battery powers the vapor and is usually rechargeable using the normal usb charger. The atomizer is the part which is involved with heating . It is made up of many parts including the vaporizer which generates a smoke like vapor that is inhaled and exhaled during smoking. A pneumatic switch found in the atomizer is used to activate and deactivate the vaporizer. In water vapor cigarettes, the most important part is the cartridge which is made up of the inhaler and the container. The container is what carries the e-liquid. When you puff, it is the e-liquid which releases the inhalable vapor.

Pros of the vapor cigars

  • Vapor cigarettes are stylish They come in variety of shapes and colurs which depending on the taste of consumer. The designs are stylish and elegant.
  • Vapor cigars are small and portable-They are small and are easily portable.
  • Vapor Cigars are refillable-They are reffilble, you do not haave to throw the catridge once the e-liquid is finished.

Benefit of vapor cigars

  • 1. Do not produce smoke
  • This is the most important thing about the vapor cigs, they produce no smoke. Instead of smoke, they produce vapor. Smokeless smoking is one of the best inventions so far.
  • 2. Discreet
  • Since vapor cigs produce no smoke, you can discreetly smoke anywhere without anyone realising that you are smoking. The smoke of tobacco is what puts off many people, but with vapor cigs, you do not have to worry about this.
  • 3. Convenient
  • When it comes to convenience, vapor cigs beat traditional cigarettes hands down. All you need to purchase is a cartridge of whatever size pleases you. This gives the ability to smoke at anyplace and anytime without having to worry about the availability of cigarettes.
  • 4. Cheap
  • Generally,Electronic cigarettes are more cheaper than regular cigarettes. This is because you know your smoking needs, you buy a cartridge which suits you.

Many people who have been using the vapor cigarettes have been showering it with positive feed backs. Some claim that it has helped them to get rid of their previous smoking habits while others praise it because of it makes them feel cool, elegant and stylish. No matter the reason for the good feedback, the vapor cigarettes is definitely a technological break through. These amazing products are available in many online stores.

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