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Can E Cigarette Help You Quit Smoking?

Reveal the Truth E-Cigarettes

E-CigarettesCan Electronic cigarettes help you quit smoking? That is a million dollar question as not only the smokers but also their loved ones want to know the answers, so they don’t lose a family member due to the hazards of smoking cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are tipped to be the best alternative to regular cigarettes and it is also claimed that it carries less harmful substances than the conventional cigarettes. More importantly electronic cigarettes are also advertised as the device that can help people to quit smoking gradually. Let us see how much truth is there in the claims and explore the answers to the troubling question, can electronic cigarettes help you quit smoking?

E-Cigarette Reviews

 Regular cigarettes are rolled in a piece of paper filled with tobacco and a filter acting as the mouth piece for smoker to inhale the burning tobacco. Now, due to the mechanism of the normal cigarettes apart from the nicotine there are numerous unwanted substances that come along. According to studies a normal cigarette force inhale about 2,000 substances and most of them are unhealthy to say the least. On the other hand, electric cigarette works by converting nicotine diluted in water and flavor into vapors. Smokers consume or inhale the vapors of nicotine. People have different about the intensity of harm nicotine may cause on human body, but still if its 2,000 substances like Tar and CO then we have to favor electric cigarettes. So round 1, Health Claims, electric cigarette won. Now let us discuss the real question, Can e cigarette help you quit smoking? Judge for yourself how e-cigarettes can help people with their aspiration to quit smoking. Can e cigarette help you quit smoking?

Control over Amount of Nicotine

 E-cigarette is not the only product that claims to help people with their problem of smoking. Other products include nicotine gums, nicotine patches, hypnotizing tapes, etc that are commonly available in market for helping out people in the mission. Unfortunately, the success rate of these methods is very low and they rely too much on the will power of the person. In short they act as a catalyst if the urge is already there, but cannot help in eliminating the root cause. Reason for their failure is very simple; the theory behind the products is to quit smoking rather quickly. Electronic cigarettes on the other hand do not condemn the need of human body that it has developed by becoming addicted to smoking nicotine. In electric cigarette the nicotine is provided to the body in the required quantity and then the person has control over the amount of nicotine to be consumed. The diluted mixture of nicotine and water present in the cartridge are available with varying levels of amount of nicotine in the mixture. So, instead of quitting the smoking altogether the person can choose to reduce the dependency on nicotine by gradual reduction in the amount on nicotine to be consumed. It is indeed the natural way of dealing with human nature to leave a habit it has developed over the years. Success Stories: There are no statistics available of the number of people who get benefited by electric cigarette to quit their habit. However, there are various forums where people have shared their experiences of quitting or reducing drastically their nicotine intake. So you can go through those stories and judge for you to see how successful e-cigs are.

 Can e cigarette help you quit smoking?

 Smokes after hearing the drawbacks of smoking seem to want to quit their habit. However, the traditional quitting methods do not help them much and their effects more often than not are not of permanent nature. E-Cigarette really helps the smokers as it does not cut the supply of nicotine at once, but reduce it gradually and the satisfaction the smoker wants from the cigarette also remain there.

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