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Can Electronic Cigarettes Really Help You Quit Smoking?

The world is moving too fast that everyone’s busy in their working, earning bucks out of their hard work. But in this fast lane there are people who are suffering from a lot of stress and tensions. And for relieving they drink and smoke, which makes the person to shorten the importance he is giving to the stress and tensions. There can be any kind of tension.

How to quit smoking using Electronic Cigarettes

But as we all know- besides drinking, smoking is a major cause of health problems. And it can ride a person till death because causes cancer and apart from that, it is so addictive that a person would go nuts if he doesn’t gets a smoke on a regular schedule. So to substitute this major cause of cancer our developers introduced a device known as E-Cigarette . Which provides the same satisfaction as the actual cigarette does, but it lowers the tobacco portion of the cigarette to make it minimize the cause of hazardous health problems like cancer. The cigarette utilize the burning element to create a flavored smoke. E cigarette are much cheaper than the regular cigarettes because we need to buy the traditional cigarettes one after another but an e cigarette remains same the whole life (apart from the disposables), and all you need it to change flavor cartridge timely.
An e cigarette has a bunch of pros and cons so one should give the the preference while buying :
Pros of E Cigarette
1. E-cigarettes doesn’t bind any specific odor because of it’s availability in different flavors in market
2. Traditional cigarettes are costlier if prioritized before e-cigarette.
3. Provides safer environment, so one should not worry where to abandon after use.
4. Provides better health than traditional cigarette
5. It’s not anti-social!.
1. The person will feel more addictive for nicotine rather then quitting smoking.
2. People are still spending money on their smoking habit rather than quitting
3. It is considered less manly, so the person will be more comfortable with traditional one’s

Electronic Cigarette Health Risks
E cigarette are so much global that it can be bought anywhere anytime, rather than finding a specific store. E cigarette can be bought from online websites like blucigs or from television ads or specific shops that keeps a stock of e-cigarettes. It is offered in kits and you have a choice of flavors each time you buy a cartridge.There are a huge variety available in market ranging from $12 to $200 , based on it’s type like a disposable can costs you a little but as we go further than we have expensive variety.

So apart from the traditional cigarette an e cigarette is a better choice and a invention which is a boon for smokers fed up of their habit of smoking, smokers who are willing but can’t quit smoking due to the addiction, smokers enjoy the flavors and have the satisfaction of smoking nicotine. They can have the pleasure where traditional cigarettes aren’t allowed. So thumbs up for an E-cigarette!


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