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Clear and Obvious Advantages of Electric Cigarettes

Electric Cigarette V/S Regular Cigarettes:
There are many advantages of electric cigarettes as compare to the conventional regular cigarettes. Although the basic component of both types of cigarettes is nicotine and the human body gets addicted to it only, but due to the design of regular cigarettes there many other injurious to health items that have to be taken in forcefully. Nicotine is no doubt harmful for human body but its dangers are not as much as the other components most importantly Carbon Monoxide and Tar, which have to be inhaled due to the design of conventional cigarettes. Nicotine itself is as harmful as caffeine and how many people die each year for consuming coffee or tea? Few advantages of electric cigarettes are listed below. The purpose is not to promote the smoking trend but to highlight the differences between the regular and electronic version of smoking.

Advantages of Electric Cigarettes:
Impact on Smoker’s Health:
Normal cigarettes are very bad for health, shocker isn’t it? There about 2,000 harmful chemicals present in normal paper based cigarettes. E-cigarette on other hand just has the nicotine in diluted form with a pinch of flavor added, so apart from the harms of nicotine there are no added hazards the smoker has to face.

Impact on Other People’s Health:
Normal cigarettes are not only bad for the smoker him or herself, but also for the people in surrounding. The concept is called passive smoking and they passive smokers unintentionally inhale the poisonous smoke and can themselves become victim of many serious medical conditions. However, as there is no smoke involved in electric cigarette smoking so the possibility of passive smoking can be ruled out in e-smoking.

Startup kit of electric cigarette may cost more money but that’s the initial money. Later on the money need only be spent on the cartridges which are not that expensive. However, when the cigarette to cigarette comparison is done between normal and electric cigarettes, the electric version comes out as the winner. Other than that, the normal cigarette has to be consumed in full whereas the e-cigs can also be consumed in various sittings. There is no loss of freshness and no compromise has to be made on the all important taste aspect.

Lack of Smell:
The only thing that emits from electric cigarette is the odorless invisible vapors. So there is no person repelling bad smell the smoker has to face. Furthermore, no smell or any other trace is left of e-smoking on clothing of the smokers. So, nosy wives, mothers and girl friends do not need to know anything.

Normal Cigarette Experience:
With the availability of e-versions of mainstream brands including but not limited to Marlboro, Camel, Benson & Hedges, etc the same experience of regular smoking can be achieved without a compromise on the habit of the lifetime.

Multiple Flavors:
Apart from the regular flavors e-cigarettes are also available in multiple unique and unthinkable flavors (for a cigarette that is). Imagine smoking a puff of Pineapple cigarette. Chocolate, orange, vanilla, apple, strawberry, raspberry, etc are very popular flavors among the e-smokers.

Smoke Where You Can’t Smoke:
Due to no smoke and no chance of passive smoking, e-cigarettes can be enjoyed at the places with no smoking signs as well.

Assistance in Quitting Smoking:
Due to controllable levels of nicotine intake, e-cigarette is known to be very useful for people trying to quit the smoking by gradually reducing their daily intake.

There are numerous advantages of electric cigarettes few of which are listed here. E-smoking offers many benefits not only for the smokers themselves but also for other peoples as well.

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