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E-Cigarette Benefits

Your loved ones have urged you for years about quitting smoking, but it is just so difficult.  You’ve tried at least 3 times, but you always seem to go back.  You don’t want to suffer through the nicotine withdraws, such as irritability, headaches, panic attacks, shakes, and sweating.  In addition to that, you actually enjoy the feel of the smoke, the social aspect, and the taste with your Cup o’ Joe in the early morning.  Giving that up will be rough, but just think about the affects later on in life.

The Risks

Smoking poses serious health risks, which you’ve probably heard about for quite some time.  Over 480,000 people die from cigarette smoking and other tobacco products on a yearly basis.  Also, over 42,000 people have died from second hand cigarette smoke.  There are countless other complications, such as cosmetic affects, aging, harsh voice, and stained teeth.

Also, you will have to deal with doctor visits and medical bills associated with smoking.  Because smoking can raise blood pressure and cholesterol, you will be stuck with paying through the nose for prescription medications and testing.

The reasons are piling up, but is there a way to quit that won’t completely alter your lifestyle?

The eCig

You want to quit, but you don’t want to deal with the affects of quitting.  You don’t have to go cold turkey anymore, and you don’t need to deal with a patch or a bad tasting stick of gum.  Just “smoke” on an electronic cigarette.

This device looks and feels just like a cigarette, but it is actually slightly heavier, because of the electronic components inside the unit.  Electronic cigarettes, or “e Cigs”, contain a two-part system that turns a nicotine-water based solution into a vapor, which then can be inhaled into the lungs.

Basically, the cartridge, which contains the nicotine solution, is housed in the cylindrical section where the tobacco would usually go.  The “filter” area is the electronic unit, which changes the solution into vapor, once air is sucked through the system.  You draw in the steam, exactly like you would smoke a normal cigarette.

Why Switch?

With cigarettes, you’re dealing with the cancer causing tar, ash, smoke, and other unhealthy toxins.  With electronic cigarettes, the only thing you’re taking into your body is a water-nicotine solution and no carcinogens.

You can say goodbye to the health problems associated with traditional tobacco products, because there is literally no smoke.

You don’t have to worry about getting that smoke smell in your house or car, because the vapor doesn’t leave a scent and vanishes within seconds.  This means that you can “smoke” inside your favorite restaurant or in your home office, without that pungent ash smell that is impossible to cover up.

Because the vapor does vanish in seconds, you don’t even have to worry about second hand smoke, harming those you love.

E Cigarettes have been featured in TV and radio commercial spots and even made appearances in new blockbuster movies, smoked by well-known celebrities.  You don’t have to worry about losing status, because eCigs are seen as cool, new, and ahead of the curve.

Not only are they healthy and hip, but they are also cost effective.  These eCigs can save you $30-$90 per month if you are a “pack-a-day” smoker.

So, why wait?  Switch today.

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