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E-Cigarette Review – 3 E-cigs – “Mall” brand

E cigs are not really cigs. They contain NO tobacco and they do NOT ‘SMOKE’. What you see is water vapor. Think of it like a home humidifier. You know how those make vapor which is visible. This is similar. The vapor produced and ex-haled by the user is just water vapor, and is safe to the user and to other people around the user. There is no smoke, no cabon monoxide, and NO carcinogens!

They are legal to smoke indoors anywhere(provided the site owner allows). They do not go against any ‘no smoking’ laws as there is no tobacco and no flame.

A wonderful, and safe, alternative to normal cigarettes. I do not recommend non-smokers try e cig. They are meant for smokers who want to use a safer alternative to get their nicotine!

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