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E Cigarettes Benefits


BenefitsBenefits derived from the use of electronic cigarettes, the product discovery of the century are indeed remarkable and justly deserved. The “smokeless technology” of the electronic cigarette is only one of the many distinct advantages of electronic cigarettes. Why continue to pay for over-inflated prices of traditional cigarettes that continue to rise in pricing? Experience the difference in the smoking trends of the future. Try electronic cigarettes today. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

With millions of present day smokers converting from smoking of conventional, traditional cigarettes to electronic or e-cigarettes on a daily basis, overall e cigarette benefits continue to surmount with increased awareness to the value that is clearly evident in all electronic cigarettes. Common positive responses from smokers who have smoked traditional cigarettes for 30 years or more are based on the cost of the electronic cigarette, valued at far less than one pack of conventional cigarettes, to complete smoking satisfaction that can be used in public places where conventional cigarettes remained barred. With additional awareness being brought to public attention, e-cigarette benefits continue to be the leading factor in record breaking sales of electronic cigarettes worldwide.

Common Benefits

Common electronic cigarette benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Smokeless technology with no omissions of “second-hand smoke”
  2. No tar intake or any other of the over 4,000 carcinogenic substances found in conventional cigarettes
  3. No odors, open flames, lighters or accumulation of hot ashes eliminating accidental fires in homes.
  4. No burn holes in clothing, furniture or automobile interiors requiring costly replacements and repairs
  5. Whiter smile with less yellowing of teeth enamel
  6. Fresher breath during intimate encounters
  7. No foul or lingering smoke smell in clothing, furniture or automobile interiors, producing a cleaner environment for all.
  8. Improved overall health conditions with renewed energy, stamina and vitality
  9. Extremely affordable regardless of present income levels. Electronic cigarettes are priced far below current traditional cigarettes with current prices starting at $2.50 for 10 flavor filled cartridges equal to or greater than 10 packs of conventional cigarettes, with instant savings of over $25.00. (Based on average price of $5.00 per pack for traditional cigarettes).
  10. Widely accepted at all public gatherings including restaurants, motels, airports and even on long distance international flights.

The overall effectiveness and complete smoking satisfaction for less continue to compile revealing evidence of the overall intrinsic value that electronic cigarettes offer. With high praise and accumulations of electronic cigarette benefits from those who continue to experience the difference in complete smoking satisfaction for less, electronic cigarettes will continue to be one of the top selling products on the Internet.

Additional Benefits

Additional electronic cigarette benefits include a “smart chip” incorporated within the body of the e-cigarette which limits the amount of nicotine delivered in a specified period of time. The integration of the “smart chip” has been implemented into smoking cessation programs designed to help those individuals who have chosen to “quit smoking”. This small but in-expensive device has proven to be very successful when used in conjunction with approved smoking cessation programs. Although not offered by all manufacturers of electronic cigarettes, those individuals who are seeking viable alternatives to “quit smoking” programs and solutions are encouraged to seek further information.

Overall Consideration

E-cigarette benefits continue to produce dramatic results in all aspects of which the product was originally designed. The electronic cigarette continues to change lives and smoking habits of millions of individuals daily. With continued awareness to the most ingenious invention in a decade, electronic cigarettes will continue to lead the way to an more affordable and practical way to complete smoking satisfaction for a fraction of cost of conventional cigarettes. Present smokers are encouraged to take full advantage of promotions and offerings including “free trial offers” listed on many e-cigarette websites. Experience the difference. Electronic cigarettes are the best value for the dollar, continuing to produce electronic cigarette benefits that are second-to-none.

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