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Electric Cigarette Benefits: Disposable V/S Refillable Cartridges

There are many names with which electric cigarettes are referred to like smokeless cigarettes, e-cigs, e-cigarettes, vapor cigarettes. Due to many Electric cigarette benefits they are gaining a lot of popularity in smoking circles these days. Many die hard smokers are leaving their habit of lifetime of relying on conventional paper and tobacco based cigarettes and having electric cigarette instead. Electric cigarettes are proven to be effective against people who want to quit smoking gradually or to the ones who want to cut back on nicotine intake instead of quitting it altogether.

Electronic cigarettes are beneficial both in long and short terms from monetary and health perspective. It is observed very commonly among even the chain smokers to reduce their daily intake of nicotine while using electronic version of conventional cigarettes. Electric cigarette benefits include that it does not deprive the body totally of its nicotine requirement. Rather, it gives the body only nicotine by excluding the harmful impurities of conventional cigarettes like tar, carbon monoxide, etc. So the smokers do not even bother to go back to conventional cigarettes even if have the option do so. Normal cigarettes are also dangerous as the smokers have to consume the whole cigarette even if their nicotine requirement is not much as the cigarette gets useless after lighting up and can’t be used again. On the other hand an electric cigarette can be used for fewer puffs as well without any compromise of taste and quality in later use.

E-cigarettes are not stand alone as they have certain components responsible for particular job. Cartridges refills are required to be filled as they contain the liquid nicotine that is consumed by the smoke while smoking electronically. E-Liquid or e-Juice is the liquid that the cartridges contain and can be only nicotine mixed in water (liquid nicotine) or may also contain the additional flavors. There is no shortage of types and tastes the e-smokers can have. From the electronic counterpart of the mainstream brands like Marlboro, Camel, B&H, etc to the unique flavors like Orange, peppermint, pineapple, Apple, etc there is a wide range of cartridges that can be selected. Cartridges comes in two types mainly, disposable ones that can be thrown out after usage and refillable that can be refilled with the liquid nicotine with or without flavor every time after consumption.

Commonly e-smokers opt for refillable cartridges in the aspiration that in the long run they will be saving money. Exceptions are there but mostly such people end up consuming more and refilling early the cartridges with e-Liquid. In some cartridges if the smokers want, they can fill the liquid with literally zero percent nicotine. Smokers for whom the smoking is more of psychological need rather than physical need, no nicotine smoking is highly beneficial. In general it is important to refill only when it is really needed. For few this could be among electric cigarette benefits, but disposable cartridges generally prove more expensive. Using disposable cartridges one may end up with consuming more cigarettes than usual.


Electric cigarette benefits are many. Although first time kit is relatively expensive but subsequently the cost per cigarette (or equivalent amount of nicotine) proves really cheap. E-cigarettes help people trying to get rid of smoking or reduce its dependency up to acceptable level. E-cigs come with the option to have refillable or disposable refills. Disposal refills prove expensive but if refilling is done when required only, then refillable cartridges prove really cost effective.

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