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Electronic Cigarette History

First invented and marketed in China by the Golden Dragon Group, electric cigarettes were patented as Ruyan, meaning “almost like smoke”. This accurate name, combined with the ability to smoke in places where tobacco cigarettes are not allowed, helped quickly skyrocket the company and the product toward success. Since Ruyan has always been available on the internet, it is not surprising that the idea of the electronic cigarette has spread to other parts of the globe. It was not long before Greg Carson, a UK businessman, discovered the product and adapted it for the Western world. Marketed as the “Electro Fag” the product gained popularity across Europe, enough to prompt the English parliament to rule that this device was legal to use in places like restaurants and buildings where tobacco cigarettes were banned.

Now, there are multiple electronic cigarette companies, almost all of which do the large majority of their business online.

While the Chinese and European companies still dominate the market to a certain degree, as other companies from around the world get involved, changes are being made to the idea on a regular basis. Having your choice of electronic cigarette providers means that you can find the best product to fit your needs. After all, not all electronic cigarettes are created equal; some start-up kits may be too expensive for those on a budget, and many cheap electronic cigarette imitations do not work well enough to fully replicate the sensation of smoking a tobacco cigarette. Fifty-One™, though, one of the newest and most competitive electronic cigarettes available, is different, it’s the Fifty-One™ electric cigarettes advantage.

While electronic cigarettes have been marketed primarily to smokers concerned about their health, one of the most popular features of the product is the fact that they allow you to smoke just about anywhere.

No flame means no smoke, and that also means no second hand smoke.

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