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Electronic cigarette – Product of the Century

Deemed as “Product of the Century” the electronic cigarette is continuing to change smoking habits of millions of individuals presently smoking traditional cigarettes. The smokeless cigarette, often referred to as the E-cig, is unique in design and performance without harmful omissions of “second hand smoke” and other inhaled carcinogenic toxins found in conventional cigarettes, producing full flavor smoking satisfaction at a fraction of the cost of traditionally smoked cigarettes. The electric cigarette continues to receive hundreds of thousands of positive reviews on a daily basis with continued support growing on a daily basis. Combined with elegance of styling and acceptance worldwide, the electronic cigarette justly deserves recognition as “Product of the Century”.


Remarkable features, in conjunction with the implication of the latest in sophisticated technology available, electronic cigarettes cannot be compared to conventional cigarettes by any standards. Benefits derived from frequent usage of the electronic cigarette include but are not limited to the following:

  • Smokless. No “Second-hand smoke” omissions
  • No foul, smoke smelling odors
  • No lighters or open flames required
  • No hot ashes dropped on interiors of autos or hard to clean crevices of furniture
  • No smoke odors on clothes or interior of homes or automobiles
  • No burn holes on clothes or expensive automobile leather or cloth interiors
  • No intake of tar with accumulation in lungs of the user of the electric cigarette
  • Saves hundreds of dollars per year over the cost of “over-priced” traditional cigarettes
  • Use anywhere-airplanes, restaurants, even personal residences with no lingering “blue haze” produced by conventional cigarettes
  • Choice of flavor cartridges from full, light, menthol and “No Nicotine”
  • Proven safe and effective in the smoking cessation programs for those desiring to “quit smoking”

Benefits noted from the frequent use of smokeless cigarette technology, continues to grow without precedence. Smokers who have used conventional cigarettes for thirty years or more are now enjoying full flavor smoking satisfaction with electronic cigarettes. As additional benefits continue to be introduced, the electric cigarette only exemplifies the need for this superior product that far surpasses all conventionally smoked cigarettes.

Decision Time

With numerous special introductory offers available on attractive packages of electronic cigarettes, an informed decision is often over shadowed by ambiguity and the willingness to make changes in lifestyles that have remained common place for many previous years. Smokeless cigarettes continue to be the “top selling” product on the Internet today. With special attention to thousands of electronic cigarette reviews available from satisfied consumers, waiting for the right time has come to fruition. The time has come to discard “old expensive habits” and to partake in the smoking technology designed for the future without harmful omissions or inhalation of conventional cigarette poisons. There may never be a better time to experience what millions of other satisfied consumers of smokeless cigarettes have already discovered; a new era in smoking technology that is available now; a new era that will save thousands of dollars a year; a new era that will be both convincing and surprising, the era of the electronic cigarette, product of the century.

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