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Electronic Cigarettes: A New Discovery

Throughout the Internet, there are numerous websites available offering a new way to complete smoking satisfaction without the inhalation of over 400 carcinogenic poisons, a common by-product of conventional cigarettes. E cigs electronic cigarettes introduces a leading-edge approach in achieving superior smoking satisfaction for a less than fifty- percent (50%) of the cost of traditional cigarettes, with numerous benefits that have attracted the attention of millions of smokers who once smoked conventional cigarettes, even for 20 years or more.

E Cig Design

With appearances similar to traditional cigarettes, e cigs incorporate engineering specifications that are truly remarkable. The basic components of e cigs electronic cigarettes work in conjunction with each other in mille-seconds, producing continuous enriched smoking flavor each time the smoker drags on the especially designed filter of the e cig electronic cigarette. These components include:

  • Rechargeable lithium battery- power source
  • Microprocessor
  • Sensor
  • Stainless steel atomizer
  • Simulated filter
  • Flavor filled cartridge

With the unique two-piece design, the e cig electronic cigarette offers starter kits that are affordable offering an introduction to savings of thousands of dollars per year, currently spent on conventional, over-priced cigarettes and benefits that are beneficial to overall health conditions.

Benefits of the E Cig

The e cig electronic cigarette is 100% “smokeless” with no omissions of “second-hand smoke”, a leading contributor to premature death of non-smokers. “Simulated” smoke exhaled from the e-cig is immediately vaporized by the stainless steel atomizer, enclosed in the e cig electronic cigarette filter, containing no toxins found in all conventional cigarettes. Additional benefits of the e-cig include:

  • No open flames, no lighters required
  • No hot ashes
  • No burn holes in clothing, furniture or expensive automobile interiors
  • Fresher smelling clothes, interior of homes and automobiles
  • No build-up of tar on interior of windows of homes or automobiles
  • Accepted in nightclubs, bars , even in airplanes on long trans-Atlantic flights
  • No yellow teeth with reduction in decay of tooth enamel
  • Fresher breath for intimate moments
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Limited lifetime warranty

There are “no limits” to the benefits derived from the use of e cig electronic cigarettes. Read e cigs brand review from thousands of satisfied consumers that have made the conscientious decision to order e cig electronic cigarettes. Supportive recommendations of e-cigs from hard-working individuals are both inspiring and realistic.

Ordering E cigs

Ordering e cigs is accomplished through safe and secure websites with a major, approved credit card. For a limited time, the e cig electronic cigarette “trial offer” is available for only $9.99, less than two packs of traditionally smoked cigarettes. Order the e cig electronic cigarette “trial offer” and receive immediate savings of $2.00 off the introductory offer. The exclusive e cig “trial offer includes:

  • E cig with advanced  stainless steel atomizer
  • High capacity, rechargeable lithium battery for long lasting performance
  • Two flavor filled tobacco cartridges equal to two packs of traditional cigarettes
  • USB charger adaptable to any computer, laptop or desktop
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Initial order placed for e cig electronic cigarette automatically enrolls the consumer in the monthly cartridge re-fill program. The e cig program will ship 10 refill cartridges (equivalent to 20 packs of conventional cigarettes) for only $79.99 charged to credit card, on and after the 15th day of order placement and every 30 days thereafter until cancellation. Cancel anytime with no future obligation.  Additional charges may be applicable for originally shipped “trial offer”. See e cig electronic cigarette website for additional information before order placement.

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