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Electronic Cigarettes: What In the World Are They?

Electronic Cigarettes, or “e Cigs” have taken the smoking community by storm.  Developed within the last 5 years, this new way to smoke is offering a safe alternative to lighting up.  Electronic Cigarettes literally provide a way to puff without actually smoking, and the positive health benefits from this are enormous.

Science? Or Sci-Fi?

Many people have met electronic cigarettes with a well-learned skepticism.  There have been countless gimmicks in the past that claim to replace smoking, but few have actually worked.

The most interesting part about the electronic cigarette is the fact that it can actually be used for two purposes.  It can either replace smoking, or it can help you stop altogether.

People who smoke regularly get a little nervous about the tar, ash, smoke, and other toxins.  However, these ingredients are not found in the electronic cigarette.

Basically, the eCig is a two-part device that is shaped exactly like a fine cigarette.  It is a little bit heavier because of the components inside, but you can actually “smoke” it like you would a normal cigarette.  The term for smoking an eCig is actually “vaping”.

How the System Works

The eCig is a system, by which a cartridge comprised of water and a nicotine solution is attached to a vaporizing component.  The vaporizing component activates when air is sucked through the system, such as, when you would take a hit.  Once the air moves through the system, the vaporized nicotine delivers directly into the lungs like an actual cigarette.  With eCigs, you literally smoke them like you would a normal cigarette.  This is why it is the most effective alternative to either replace your smoking, or even stop smoking altogether.

The Benefits

The benefits to this new smoking system are tremendous.  One of the most prevalent reasons why it is so difficult to stop smoking is because it is both a physical and mental act.  People enjoy the act sticking a cigarette in their lips and puffing away, because it is social, therapeutic, and relaxing.  With patches, you don’t get any of that, which is why they often times don’t work.  With electronic cigarettes, however, you can still take in the act of smoking, and still avoid all the harmful effects

No Thanks, I Don’t Need a Light

Electric cigarettes are already being seen as the new hip way to get your nicotine fix.  Unlike other systems, electronic smoke is already seen as a cool way to light up.  They have already been featured in movies, such as “The Tourist”, and well-known celebrities have been sighted vaping.

This is another reason why eCigs are a great alternative, because smoking is often a social activity.  You won’t lose any “cool status” if folks see you on an eCig, in fact, seeing other reviews has indicated exactly the opposite.  When people see eCigs, it suggests that you care about your health, you’re ahead of the social curve, and you can smoke in style.


Would we recommend eCigs as a smoking alternative?  Yes.  They are the closest thing on the market to actually smoking, they still deliver nicotine, they are much healthier, and they are seen as a positive status symbol.  Now, the only question is, what’s stopping you from getting one of your own?

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