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Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

greensmokeRanked as the #1 of all electronic cigarettes on the market, green smoke electronic cigarette exceeds over all other brands with superior flavor and overall value of product. With simplicity of design, the two-piece green smoke electronic cigarette atomizer requires no cleaning, replacing or reinstalling in replacement cartridges. With “trend setting” styling, the green smoke electronic cigarette will continue to be number one, compared to none.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes: Number One

Trend setting, stylish, and often referred to as the “luxurious cigarette”, the green smoke electronic cigarette, the “sociable cigarette”, has once again reached the pinnacle of success, voted as the number one rated electronic cigarette over all other competitor’s brands. Voted as the number one electronic cigarette with the smoothest, most pleasing taste, the green smoke electronic cigarette has achieved the highest ranking possible in an extremely competitive market. Backed by years of development and studies, the green smoke electronic cigarette utilizes a unique two-part design, eliminating all frustrations in assembly of other 3-4 piece designs of other manufacturers’. Simply screw on the “simulated” looking filter containing the flavor cartridge onto the body of the green smoke electronic cigarette to start enjoying the number one rated electronic cigarette on the market.

Two-Piece Design

Benefits of the two-piece patented design of green smoke electronic cigarettes include:

  • No more dirty, clogged atomizers requiring cleaning after each use of other similar brands. Green smoke electronic cigarettes offer a new, fresh atomizer included with each flavor filled cartridge.
  • No more “simulated” smoke volume, a common by-product of “reusable” atomizers. Green smoke electronic cigarettes provide continuous “simulated” smoke volume with no restrictions regardless of speed of use.
  • Easy maintenance. With an ample supply of new cartridges, the green smoke electronic cigarette is ready to go when you are.
  • With a new atomizer in each green smoke electronic cigarette, the consumer is assured of complete full flavored smoking satisfaction each time the green smoke electronic cigarette is used.

Only the green smoke electronic cigarette offers high quality engineering in a product that has withstood time and testing in producing the number one electronic cigarette, with a 30 day money-back guarantee, preferred by former smokers of traditional over-priced cigarettes.

Flavor selection

Green smoke electronic cigarette offers a wide selection of flavor cartridges, one specifically designed to please the most selective consumer. Current flavors include:

  • Red label tobacco
  • Absolute tobacco
  • Smooth chocolate
  • Mocha Mist
  • Vanilla dream

Particularly popular with the younger, “trend setting” generation, green smoke electronic cigarettes continue to improve and add flavors to their growing list to meet all consumer demands. With each flavor available in several nicotine levels or strengths, including “no nicotine”, green smoke electronic cigarettes continues to attract additional attention by mere recommendations of present consumers, soaring green smoke electronic cigarette sales to new record heights.

Starter Kit Selections

Currently, there are three green smoke electronic cigarette starter kits available starting at $109.00 for the social smoker kit. The three available green smoke electronic cigarette starter kits are:

  • Social Smoker kit
  • Basic starter kit
  • Love birds starter kit (smoking couples)

Each green smoke electronic cigarette starter kit includes all flavor cartridges at no additional cost. Compared to the rising cost of traditional, over priced cigarettes, green smoke electronic cigarette flavor cartridges are the equivalent to one pack of conventional cigarettes yet are priced at less than $3.00 per cartridge. Save even more on additional replacement cartridges with special introductory offers, an exclusive feature of green smoke electronic cigarettes.

In competitive markets of today, rankings are of vital importance for overall product development and success. Green smoke electronic cigarettes has earned their present ranking through hard work and dedication in the invention and production of a superior product that is by all practical purposes, number one.


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