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How to Quit Smoking – Smoking & Tobacco Use

Are you tired of trying to break away from cigarettes for good? Have you tried to quit one too many times and continue to have no luck? You are not alone. Only 4-7% of people who try to quit smoking actually succeed in doing so, and about half of the people that do quit smoking end up starting again. So, if you aren’t exactly ready to quit, or are having trouble doing so, there is an alternative option.

Introduced in 2007 to the US market, electronic cigarettes have been rising in popularity as traditional cigarettes are quickly losing the appeal they once held. Although e-cigarettes appear to look just like a regular cigarette there is one huge difference. E-cigarettes do not contain tobacco. Instead, they are full of liquid nicotine that when heated up turns into a vapor which is inhaled just as would be traditional cigarette smoke.

As with anything, there are pros and cons to the e-cigarette. When making the switch from traditional cigarettes to an e-cigarette, you may find the e-cigarette to be too heavy. There are more lightweight versions, and this may be an option when you are looking to purchase an e-cigarette for the first time. The batteries will need to be recharged, and it is wise to purchase an e-cigarette that comes with two batteries. This way you can have one charging and one in use so you do not run out of power.

Many people that switch to the e-cigarette quickly prefer them to regular cigarettes. They contain no tar or chemicals, and you are simply getting nicotine rather than all the other bad things that come with traditional cigarettes. The smoke and odor of an e-cigarette is not nearly as intrusive of that of a traditional cigarette, and these will dissipate quickly after use. You can also smoke an e-cigarette indoors where you normally wouldn’t be able to smoke. They also save smokers a lot of money.

When you purchase an a-cigarette you can expect everything you would from a traditional cigarette without the side effects. Smokers that have switched to the e-cigarette often express how much like regular smoking it really is. You still go through the same motions by putting the cigarette to your lips and inhaling and cravings are instantly satisfied.

Buying e-cigarettes has never been easier. They are readily available at many retailers throughout the country as well as online. Starter kits of some of the best brands of e-cigarettes come with a battery, nicotine cartridges, a USB charger, and a wall charger. These start at around $60 and can run upwards to $80.

If you are looking to quit smoking traditional cigarettes and the side-effects that come along with them, the e-cigarette is the way to go. You will no longer experience yellow-stained teeth, your sense of smell and taste will return, and you will notice you have more energy. Another bonus? The nicotine in an e-cigarette increases adrenaline which in turn speeds up metabolic rates. This makes e-cigarettes not only better for your body, but good for weight loss as well.

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