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Interesting recent stats on electronic cigarette use

Recent statistics prove that regular cigarette smoking has become a cause for concern in the UK. In 2009, about 15% of heavy smokers in the UK wake up and start the morning with a cigarette. And 81% of them believe that they can’t survive a day without a smoke. So now comes a possible remedy in the form of electronic cigarettes, some examples of which you can find at Electronic Cigarette Direct.

Here is a brief background: The electronic cigarette industry started its European growth in 2006. E-cig manufacturers hoped that the introduction of this nifty and brilliant product can decrease and ultimately eliminate the heavy dependence of over 21% of Brits who smoke cigarettes. Actually, there was a positive reception from the public, as evidenced by the rapid sales of electronic cigarettes across the World Wide Web. With the increasing prices of tobacco and the growing awareness of the perils of lung cancer, electronic cigarettes were a huge hit!

Many surveys have tried to quantify the mounting hype on electronic cigarette usage. As published in early 2011 by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, nearly one-third (31%) of those who tried e-cigarettes reported that they quit smoking cigarettes within six months of use. As a quitting mechanism, electronic cigarettes have fared better than other methods like nicotine gums and nicotine patches, which had a success rate below 20%. This evidence strongly suggests how effective electronic cigarettes can be in tobacco cigarette cessation.

Apart from helping its users quit tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes also present many other benefits, as analyzed by Etter and Bullen, whose work was published in the journal Addiction. These findings were also presented in the European Conference on Tobacco and Health in the Netherlands last March 2011. More than 57% of respondents choose electronic cigarettes because they were more affordable compared to regular cigarettes. On top of helping curb their craving for regular cigarettes, electronic cigarettes have made it convenient for smokers to puff in places where traditional cigarettes are prohibited.

In 2010, Etter reported in the journal BMC Public Health of the noticeable effects of smoking electronic cigarettes on its users. Those who tried it were surveyed, and results showed that these e-smokers had less coughing, improved breathing, and they felt more physically fit. Another perk for electronic cigarettes is that it comes in various flavours, which many respondents favoured over the taste of regular cigarettes.

In general, success rates with electronic cigarettes are high, especially for smokers who want to cut down their use or for those who want to quit tobacco cigarettes. It is a cost-effective tool that has many benefits, both for the user and the people around them. Now is a good time to give electronic cigarettes a shot. Find out how you can make that positive change in your health and lifestyle today. Who knows? You can add to the growing statistics of people who have gained much from switching to electronic cigarettes.

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