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Introducing Direct E-Cig: The Smokeless Cigarette

Direct E-Cig proudly introduces a “revolutionary new smoking method” designed to eliminate “second-hand” smoke and the harmful inhalation by non-smokers without reduction in overall smoking satisfaction by the individual smoker.  Combined with the latest in technology and engineering, the Direct E-cigarette incorporates styling and visual appearances of standard traditionally smoked cigarettes for a fraction of the cost, saving present smokers thousands of dollars per year. Formulated with patented design capabilities, the Direct E Cig has gained national media recognition on ABC, CNN, Cnet and Fox News each acclaiming the overall improved benefits of the Direct E-cigarette versus traditional standard smoked cigarettes.

Engineering Design of the Direct E-Cig

Powered by a 1.5v rechargeable battery, the Direct E-cig produces no residual smoke which permeates the surrounding air, allowing for a cleaner, fresher environment. Working in conjunction with an elite microprocessor and sensing unit, the Direct E-cigarette pre-determined, pre-selected flavor cartridge is heated slightly, releasing the contents of Direct E-Cig cartridge, each time the smoker drags on the especially designed Direct E-Cig filter. Full   With the aid of the Direct E-Cig stainless steel atomizer, included in the “introductory 14 day trial offer kit”, exhaled smoke is immediately vaporized producing no foul, lingering orders, a standard by-product produced from smoking traditional standard cigarettes. With the Direct E-cigarette, there are no open flames or lighters required, reducing the risks of potential fires and destruction of personal property.

Benefits of Direct E-Cigarette

Immediate benefits are quickly recognized with the use of the Direct E Cigarette. Clothing remains free of standard cigarette odors saving expenditures on expensive repeated dry cleaning bills, a definite benefit of the Direct E-Cig. The environment on the interior of homes and automobiles remain “smoke and damage free” with less cleaning and repairing of burn holes from dropped  hot ashes of standard cigarettes required. Direct E-Cig can be used anywhere, in restaurants, nightclubs even on airplanes, where allowed, without affecting those in close association. Direct E-Cig has no burning embers, eliminating burns and burn marks on skin, furniture and expensive leather automobile interiors.

E-Cig 14 day “Trial Offer”

The 14 day E-Cig “trial offer” package is available for a limited time only. Each Direct E-Cig package comes complete with everything needed to immediately start enjoying the benefits of the Direct E-cigarette, conveniently packaged in a custom designed container.  The Direct E-Cig package includes the following:

One Electronic Direct E-Cig Cigarette

One Stainless Steel Atomizer

One Rechargeable 1.5v battery

One UBS charger

One Wall Charger

Ten pre-selected flavor filled cartridges from full to light, ultra light and No Nicotine

Fast start- detailed manual

Lifetime Warranty

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Direct E-Cig package can only be ordered online through a secure website with the use of a major credit card. For a one-time processing fee of $9.95 to cover handling and shipping charges, the 14 day Direct E-Cig package is shipped within a few days of ordering. Upon expiration of the 14 day  Direct E-Cig “trial offer” the individuals credit card is charged $99.95 plus $9.95 shipping and handling the cost for the initial Direct E-cigarette “trial offer” kit.  Subsequent charges of $59.95 plus $9.95 shipping and handling fees, are charged to the individuals credit card for (30) Direct E-cigarette pre-selected, pre-determined flavor filled cartridges per month. Additional cartridges are available for a nominal charge depending on present smoking habits and frequencies. One (1) Direct E-Cig pre-determined, pre-selected flavor filled cartridge is equal to one (1) pack of twenty (20) standard cigarettes at a fraction of the cost. Cancellation can be completed at anytime without further obligation.

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