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Is Electronic Cigarette Safe

Electronic Cigarette Safety – Is Electronic Cigarette Safe?

An electronic cigarette, also known as an e-cigarette, is being pitched as one of the most effective alternative for the conventional cigarettes. Those in favor of the same argue that the absence of smoke, which is the most harmful component of smoking, works in favor of electronic cigarette, and hence, it is an ideal replacement for its conventional counterparts. Critics, however, are not quite convinced, and counter argue that just because this cigarette doesn't emit smoke, it doesn't mean you are not subjected to the harmful chemicals in cigarette when you smoke it. Before we move on to electronic cigarette safety, let's see what an electronic cigarette is all about.

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is an electronic device which facilitates nicotine intake through vaporized solution. It is basically an elongated tube, which quite often resembles cigarettes orcigars, with a mouth piece to hold the absorbent material, heating element to vaporize the liquid, and battery as the source of power. When you use this device to smoke, you get the physical sensation that is quite similar to the sensation you get when inhaling tobacco through conventional cigarettes. What sets them apart is the fact that they are smokeless cigarettes, owing to which the manufacturers claim that it is not injurious to health. There are two types of electronic cigarettes – the automated e-cigarettes and the manual e-cigarettes. While the automated cigarettes use a sensor as the trigger to activate the heating element, in manual cigarettes the activation is done by the press of a button. Similarly some electronic cigarettes are reusable, while others are disposable. As a part of the electronic cigarette security system, these cigarettes have a red indicator on them which is lit when the device is in use.

E Cigarette Regulation in the United States

In the United States, these electronic cigarettes are classified as drug delivery devices by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and hence, the sale of these devices requires market approval under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA).

Is Electronic Cigarette Safe?

Whether the claims about electronic cigarette safety made by the manufacturers really hold ground is a subject of debate. Even though no immediate side effects of smoking are visible, an e-cigarette have been seen as such, studies are in progress to asses the long term side effects of the same. The fact that the manufacturers rule out electronic cigarette dangers, citing the absence of harmful ingredients such as tar, is of no avail as the presence of nicotine in them is more than enough to cause harm to your body. Nicotine being a vasoconstrictor tends to constrict the arteries, thus making it difficult for the heart to function. In fact, long term exposure to nicotine is known to increase the chances of various heart problems by a significant extent. A study conducted by the Food and Drug Administration revealed that these cigarettes contain harmful chemicals such as diethylene glycol and nitrosamines, which are also known to have hazardous effects on the human body.

At the end of the day, there has been mixed response over the issue of electronic cigarette safety. While the American Association of Public Health Physicians has declared that it is less harmful than the conventional cigarettes and supported its legalization, Health Canada – the government department responsible for national public health in Canada, has issued an advisory that even though these cigarettes are less harmful, issues such as nicotine poisoning and addiction cannot be ruled out. More importantly, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a statement 2008 saying that it doesn't consider electronic cigarettes as a legitimate aid to stop smoking, and directed the marketers to stop using its name to market their products as smoking cessation aid.

Electronic Cigarette Safety - Is Electronic Cigarette Safe?

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