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Outsmarting the Competition: V2 Cigs Launches Universal Adapters

By Nebojsa.Nikitin on Aug 16, 2011

V2 Cigs, known in the electric cigarette world for producing “the thickest vapor”, has introduced a new product aimed at shaking up the competition; the V2 Universal Adapter.

Most people now know what an electronic cigarette is. The little cigarette-sized gadget that emits water vapor instead of smoke gives smokers a convenient smoking alternative without the smell, ash, and social stigmas associated with cigarette smoking.

Most electronic cigarette brands use something called “propriety threading”. They design their electronic cigarette batteries and cartridges so vapers can only purchase refills from that brand. V2 Cigs takes an alternate approach, however, becoming the most compatible brand by introducing the V2 Universal Adapter. This tiny adapter makes it possible to use batteries from at least fourteen different suppliers including well-known competitors Greensmoke, South Beach Smoke, and Smoke 51 with V2 Cigs Flavor Cartridges.

According to V2 Cigs CFO Jay Meistrell the compatibility decision was simple. “The most important thing is giving people the choices they need to be successful. We don’t try to limit our customers because we are sure once they try the V2 Cigs vapor, taste, and customer service they’ll keep coming back”.

One thing V2 Cigs does not guarantee is the performance of their flavor cartridges with other brands. “V2 cartridges are designed to work best with V2 batteries. This is a great way to try V2 Cigs if you already own another brand’s battery, but they won’t have the same performance as the V2 Cigs batteries,” says Mr. Meistrell.
V2’s loyal following are already asking for more brands to be added to the compatibility list. The evidence has been obvious on their Facebook wall and Forum. It appears as though the gamble is paying off.

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