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Quitting Smoking with E Cigarettes Is the Way to Go

Quitting smoking with E Cigarette is not only a mere catchphrase these days as there are many cases where the strategy worked very fine. There were and still are many methods available in market that can help or claim to help the smokers to quit their most unwanted habit of smoking. Salient of these methods include chewing gums, therapies, motivational speeches, nicotine patches, to name a few. All have certain level of achieving the needful, but none is as successful as an electronic cigarette for sure. Smokers are actually addicted to the nicotine only but they get many other unhealthy substances as bonus (if that’s the right wordJ) in normal smoking. Electronic cigarette technically is not cigarettes at all. Rather it is a medium through which nicotine is provided to the body without any additional intake of other harmful ingredients. Question arises how good or bad electronic cigarettes are when it comes to the quest of quitting smoking.

Will to quit smoking is always necessary even when one tries quitting smoking with E cigarettes. There are many cases in which the smokers went on to control the habit of smoking after the usage of e-cigarettes or any other method, but came back to it sooner or later. Most problematic times are social gatherings when practically everyone is smoking, so it is hard for the now ex-smoker not to join others.

However, by using the electric cigarettes smokers can gradually reduce the nicotine intake till the time body gets rid of the need to have nicotine circulated in veins anymore.

There is a very valid reason why electronic smoking works more often than not in the mission to quit smoking. Unlike other methods the supply of nicotine is not cut totally as the modus operandi of electronic smoking is to reduce the dependency on nicotine gradually by choosing the appropriate cartridges.

Smoking with electronic cigarettes filled with fluid containing nicotine is also beneficial for people who are forced to become passive smokers due to their company. E-cigarettes do not emit any smoke so the effects of smoking always remain limited to the smoker only. So, electronic cigarettes could be smoked easily in public places as well, where the conventional smoking is banned for obvious health concerns of others. E-cigs can also be used inside in the places equipped with fire alarms because there is no smoke whatsoever just vapors emitting.

Quitting smoking with E cigarette is a win-win situation for all as it is a very practical solution and from smokers himself or herself to the people surrounding him or her everyone stays happy. It is not harmful for environment and proves cost effective as well. Lack of awareness is inarguably the only reason why we still see people using those conventional cigarettes. But, slowly and gradually more and people are going for e-cigarettes for making their wish to cut down on nicotine a success.


Quitting smoking with E Cigarette is emerging as the best option for many smokers around the globe. Although, there are many other methods and items available in market that can help smokers to quit, but there success rate is very low. E smoking understands the need of the body and gradually reduces the habit with controllable nicotine levels. Having said that no method can become successful till the smoker accept the fact that smoking is bad for health and strong try to get rid of smoking.

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