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Quitting Smoking With the E-Cigarette

In the US alone, over 443,000 people die each year from smoking.  Over 49,400 people die from second hand smoke annually, and those numbers are projected to rise.  These are incredibly sobering statistics, and they are even conservative estimates.  Not even including deaths, the health problems associated with smoking are daunting, causing medical problems at nearly any age.  Smoking can cause heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure, even causing unnatural aging.  The costs including medication, therapeutic procedures, and doctor’s visits don’t only run up the dollar signs, but the time and energy involved is enormous.  Is smoking really worth it?

Go Ahead, Just Quit

If you’re a smoker, I’m sure you’ve heard someone say, “What’s wrong, why don’t you just quite?” Well, for one thing, the side effects with going “cold turkey” and kicking the habit are unrelenting.  There has to be a better way right?

Electric Cigarettes To the Rescue

You’ve tried patches, gum, and even chewing on Bic pens, and nothing seems to do the job.  You want to be social with your friends who do smoke, but it is so difficult not to smoke when they all are.  You want to take a hit, and not just get your nicotine dosed through a patch or in a badly tasting stick of gum.

Electronic Cigarettes are here to save the day.  With E-Cigarettes, you don’t have to give up the social aspect of smoking.  You don’t have to give up the act of taking a hit and feeling the relaxing nicotine, and you don’t have to give up the sensation of “smoke” or vapor fuming over your lips.

What are eCigs?

While they are shaped exactly like a cigarette, and you hit them as you would a normal Marlboro Light, yet they contain no tobacco, tar, or other harmful toxins and additives.  They are slightly heavier because of the metal components inside, but you don’t lose any of that smoking feeling.  Actually, with every hit from an electronic cigarette, you get an equal amount of nicotine.

Essentially, if you move to E-Cigarettes, you won’t have to give up the act of smoking at all.

Ok, Now You Can “Just Quit”

If you’re tired of folks telling you to “just quit”, this is the perfect alternative.  There is no second-hand smoke, because you’re only puffing vapor.  This means that you can smoke inside and in places where you would not have been able to smoke before.  You won’t be dealing with any of the harmful carcinogens associated with normal tobacco products, but at the same time, you didn’t have to transition your lifestyle at all.  You won’t have any side affects because you cut your nicotine fix, and you won’t sacrifice the relaxing act of lighting up.  This alternative is literally the perfect scenario, if you’re looking for a way out.

Electronic cigarettes are also much cheaper than a pack-a-day.  E-Cigarettes can range from $70-$100 for the entire package of 2 cartridges and the unit.  A cartridge is roughly the equivalent of a carton.  A cartridge refill is about $20 a piece.  When you do the math, after you’ve bought the system, you’re looking at roughly $30 per month; as opposed to $150 per month on tobacco cigs.  It’s just another reason to quit without actually quitting.

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