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The E-Cigs is one of the most popular and high quality brands of E-Cigs available on today’s market. Claim Your E Cigs Starter Kit

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E-Cigs Review

The E cigs are designed with the latest technology, with a high quality manufacturers of smokeless cigarettes. The e cigarette system will save you money!Get Your Complete E-Cig Risk-Free Trial Starter Kit Today!The introduction of electronic cigarette free trial has greatly saved the day as it has helped a great number of people stop smoking real cigarette without much struggle. The electronic cigarette contains tobacco flavor with less chemicals and nicotine. The cigarette is known with different terms such as ecigarette, smokeless and electric cigarettes. The manufacturing company has provided the free trial to the people before the buy campaign.

E-Cigs – Current smokers of standard traditionally smoked cigarettes have recently discovered a “new trend” in smoking satisfaction with dramatic decreased associated costs.  E-Cigs offers smokers full flavored satisfaction from a “smokeless cigarette” with overall reductions in tar and expulsion of harmful toxins that are often a leading cause of deaths related to the inhalation of “second hand” smoke by non-smokers. E-cigarette resembles a full flavored traditional cigarette in appearance, operation and smoking satisfaction without producing residual smoke and dropped hot ashes that destroy clothes, furniture and expensive automobile interiors.

Features of the E-Cigs

41The overall operation of the E-Cig sis based on powerful fully rechargeable 1.5v lithium battery included in attractive collectors 14 day trial offer kit. The powerful E-cigarette battery is centered in visually appealing body of the E-cigarette, normally filled with tobacco of a standard looking cigarette. Overall appearance of the E-Cig closely resembles the standard cigarette in every detail, including color and length. While holding the E-cigarette, it is difficult to distinguish between the standard traditional cigarette and the E Cigs;however the benefits and advantages in usage of the E-cigarette cannot be compared to the more traditional means of obtaining smoking satisfaction.

lifetimewarrantyWith an especially designed microprocessor and sensing unit, the E-cigarette pre-determined, pre-selected contents of the E-Cigs flavor cartridge is released when the smoker drags on the  E-Cigs filter, producing smoking satisfaction that cannot be compared to any other smoking means or methods. With the stainless steel atomizer, included in the 14 day E-cigarette trial offer introductory package, the simulated smoke exhaled from the E-Cig is immediately vaporized with no harmful “second hand smoke” omissions. Intricate in design, the E cigarette LED produces a red glow similarly produced and noticed in the burning of  tobacco products of the standard cigarette for overall pleasing visual appearance and operation.

Benefits of the E-Cigs

The E-cigarette requires no open flames, matches or lighters. No hot ashes are dropped from the E Cigs saving furniture, clothes and interior of automobiles from expensive repair or replacement. Clothes, interiors of personal residences and autos appear fresher with no residual tar build up on walls and glass surfaces including residential furnace filters that become saturated with tar buildup removed and filtered from the air on the interior of a “smoke filled”  home. A brighter, whiter smile will be noticed by family, friends with the gradual disappearance of yellow teeth due to excessive tar buildup on teeth enamel from smoking traditional cigarette products.


The main advantages of using the electronic cigarette free trial are:

  •     1. The cigarette contains less chemicals and nicotine thus less harmful to the smokers' health
  •     2. It reduces addiction as the body adapts to less content of nicotine.
  •     3. They are odor free, tar free and ash free. This saves the user from going into a lonely field for smoking.

However, some disadvantages are accompanied by the use of the product. These are:

  •     1. The user might take a long period before adopting to the usage of these type of cigarette.
  •     2. In many cases, an instant effect is not experienced thus many people become discouraged from using them.
  •     3. Some people may find it hard to quit real cigarettes and go for electronic ones.

E-cigarettes Introductory Offer

 E-cigarette 14 day trial introductory offer can only be ordered online through secure websites. A major credit card is required for all purchases. A one-time fee of $4.95 to cover shipping and handling charges for the Ignite E-cig 14 day introductory trial offer will be charged to the individual credit card with prompt and reliable shipping. Upon completion of the 14 day  E-cigarette trial period, a charge of $99.99 will be incurred for the complete E-Cig introductory package previously shipped. Additional monthly charges of $79.99 plus $4.95 shipping and handling fees will be billed against the individual credit card for replacement of the E-cigarette flavor cartridges previously selected with continued per month billing increments pre-selected by the individual card holder.


Terms and conditions apply to all who order the  E-cigarette package and should be fully understood before ordering. Please review terms and conditions on the applicable E-Cig website for clarification of facts and or questions. Cancel anytime without further obligations or contract fulfillment requirements of Ignite E Cig.

Electronic cigarette offers the feeling of smoking a real cigarette only that there are no side effects such cancer or other diseases caused by real cigarette smoking.For the people interested in purchasing electronic cigarette, they can chose to go to E Cig Hub where you can also read more on the product.

To visit E cigs official site, please CLICK HERE.


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