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VaporFi Review - Best Electronic Cigarette





Price: $29.99 - $179.99

VaporFi cigs is one of the top brands of electronic cigarettes on the market. Read our VaporFi Review to learn why VaporFi is a best electronic cigarette.

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VaporFi Review

vaporfi-couponOf all the alternatives to tobacco cigarette smoking, nothing beats the innovation and enjoyment of electronic cigarette smoking. Since its popularity boomed in the industry, there has been so many brands that popped up but only a few really stand out.

With a knack for innovation and advanced technology, VaporFi eCigarettes and Custom Blends is slowly making its way as one of the leading e cigarette brands in the market.

Overview of VaporFi

th29a757e9-45b5-eb88-c38b-00000f6d046e_vaporzonekitsVaporFi was created to address a need in the market to provide better quality choices for the ecigarette smoker. With a mission to change the way people smoke, VaporFi set out to bring electronic cigarette smoking to new heights.

Catering to a wide variety of customers, VaporFi is not just your ordinary electronic cigarette nor your ordinary company. With people who are passionate about bringing true innovation and technology to you, they have years of experience in the industry plus a desire to really change the way you smoke into an enjoyable and satisfying vaping experience.

customflavorsBased in Miami, Florida, Vapor Fie’s manufacturing facilities are all based in the United States, assuring you that quality standards are met under their FDA-registered laboratories.

They offer 6 different lines of electronic cigarettes – all catering to different levels and types of vapers. They offer choices for people who are still curious about electronic cigarettes, to products that are specifically made for the serious vaper or hobbyist.

But their most distinct offering, which gives them the edge over other ecig brands is their incredible e-liquid custom blended flavors. They have prepackaged e-liquids that you can mix together to create your very own unique flavor. Imagine up to 30,000 flavor possibilities – want to mix peach with coffee? You can definitely do so with VaporFi’s custom blends.

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Pros and Cons of VaporFi

rebelkitVaporFi’s ecigs are truly powerful. With one of the longest lasting batteries in the market, the VaporFi Rebel ecig punches a whopping 2200mAh battery capacity that’s unlike any other. Enjoy over 24 hours of vaping without having to recharge with this extremely powerful ecig.

The custom flavors are also excellent – where else can you make your very own flavor to suit your every taste? If you’re tired of the usual menthol and mint flavors, VaporFi is the perfect place for you. If you think it, VaporFi can mix it to satisfy your cravings.

However, because VaporFi uses the most advanced technology in their devices, some of the ecigs may take a little more time to get used to than most regular ecigs. They’re a little more complicated but once you get the hang of using them, it won’t be a problem.


Benefits and What to Expect

VaporFi’s customer service is top notch as they place you, the customer, as their top priority. Expect your inquiries and complaints to be addressed right away when you contact VaporFi’s customer service line.

Users rave about how impressed they are with the well-built and sturdy construction of the devices – something that other ecigs just can’t achieve to meet. The level of power and performance also exceeds most of the brands in the industry so expect great service, quality products, and enjoyment that is unmatched by any other.

How to Proceed with Ordering


Visit VaporFi’s official website and navigate around its user-friendly site to get to know more about the products and how to proceed with ordering.

If you’re new to the whole ecigarette smoking world, your best bet is VaporFi’s Express Starter Kit at $29.99 – complete with all the essentials you need to get started, it is the most affordable kit to date.

But if you’re the serious vaper, get the Vaporfi Pulse Kit at $119.99 for one of the most powerful batteries in the market plus 2 cartomizers that you can easily refill with your own custom blended flavors.

Visit today and enjoy a healthier and more enjoyable alternative experience to smoking.


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