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Save More Money Than Ever With Electronic Cigarettes.

August 16, 2011 3:28 am – BV Cigs, a leading electronic cigarette company based out of Orange County, California, is excited to announce that it now offers free shipping on all of it’s products!  Customers in the USA can now enjoy substantial savings. NO more worrying about calculating shipping costs, with BV Cigs, the price you see is the price you pay.

BV Cigs believes that free shipping is one more step towards breaking free from the burdon of traditional cigarettes.  You can use their e-cigs where you want, why not be able to order when you want.  Before, many of their customers hesitated on placing an order until they were almost out, and then bought many items to offset the shipping costs.  BV Cigs customers have found it quite liberating to be able to order one pack of cartomizers, or to give one of our disposable e cigarettes a try.

Even though BV is now offering free shipping on all products within the USA, they will still be using USPS expedited shipping, guaranteeing a reliable and speedy shipment.  BV Cigs has also boosted up its staff to meet demands, so it can continue shipping out it’s products next day or sooner.  This is something unheard of in the electronic cigarette industry, as many companies have a 1-2 week waiting time before the shipment is even sent.

For all of BV Cigs international customers, do not feel left out.  BV Cigs offers free shipping to Canada on orders over 50 dollars and extremely reasonably priced shipping to the rest of the world.  Also, BV Cigs has upgraded its secure check out server to show shipping costs before any credit card information is entered.

Re order those cartomizers you have been waiting for, try a new flavor or try an e cigarette for the first time today.  No more waiting, no more over spending.  Take the step today to switch to BV e cigarettes, and save even more money than ever before.

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