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South Beach Smoke Electric Cigarette

South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke Introduced into the “trend setting” environment associated with south beach, south beach smoke electronic cigarette continues this tradition with the latest development in technology, producing a “new” way to achieve complete smoking satisfaction without open flames or lighters. South beach smoke e cigarette was designed to eliminate the harmful effects of smoking traditional cigarettes, including “second-hand smoke” with “smokeless” application of a product that continues to receive national recognition, regardless of state or country of origin. To date, south beach smoke is ranked as one of the top selling electronic cigarette brands of all others currently available on the Internet.

South Beach Smoke Consideration

With conventional cigarettes continuing to rise in prices with record per pack costs reaching $10.00 per pack, consideration and an alternative method to enjoy the pleasures derived from smoking have attracted millions of previous smokers who once smoked conventional cigarettes to the overall value found in the south beach electric cigarette. Where consideration versus skepticism, south beach smoke excels above all similar brands of electronic cigarettes with unbelievable savings and discounts that only south beach e cigarette offers. With introductory starter kits starting at only $29.99, regularly priced $59.99, south beach smoke electric cigarettes offers value for less, saving hundreds of dollars per year over conventional, over-priced cigarettes. Please see a quick video testimonials of real people trying South Beach Smoke for the first time:

South Beach Smoke Selection

South beach smoke starter kits come complete with everything needed to start enjoying full flavor smoking satisfaction without the accelerated prices. The south beach smoke electronic cigarette starter kits include:

  • South Beach Premium starter kit, regularly $59.99, now only $29.99
  • South Beach Deluxe starter kit, regularly $99.99, now only $49.99
  • South Beach Premium Plus starter kit, regularly $104.99, now only $74.99
  • South Beach Deluxe Plus starter kit, regularly $144.99, now only $94.99

Certain terms and conditions apply when ordering any south beach smoke introductory starter kit. Consumers are encouraged to thoroughly review all south beach smoke e cigarette starter kits for complete details ensuring the correct selection of starter kit is made that coincides with present smoking habits.

Additional Savings:

Upon ordering of the south beach smoke e cigarette starter kit at the discounted prices, all consumers will be automatically enrolled into the south beach smoke membership club, entitling all members to receive additional savings up to 30% on future orders of south beach smoke refill cartridges.  Additional fees for refill cartridges will be charged to credit card on a monthly basis depending on which south beach smoke starter kit was ordered. All south beach e smoke cigarette starter kits may be ordered at the regular price without enrollment into the south beach smoke membership club. See terms and conditions for further information governing all south beach smoke orders before order placement.

Overall Value:

Priced accordingly with affordable options to chose from, south beach smoke electronic cigarette offers the best value based on overall customer satisfaction, compared to none. Rated as one of the top-selling electronic cigarettes on the market, south beach smoke continues to provide present smokers of conventional cigarettes with smoking alternatives, meeting and exceeding all expectations of all consumers now and into the future.

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