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The Best Vape Pens to Stimulate your Nerves adequately

The Best Vape Pens

Vaporfi-Pro-300x274From our extensive market research based on consumer feedback and an objective review of the myriad of Vape pens available, we have managed to separate wheat from chaff for you in a market crowded with counterfeits and a whole lot of brands.

Whether you are a hippie or official in lifestyle, we have selected what suits your style, budget and visual appeal.

The best vape pens available for you to sample from are made to precision, designed with great detail to attention and give you user experience unmatched with most other vape pens.

The Atmos Boss Vape Pen.

With the traditional classy look of the Atmos vape pens, this super-sleek and slim vape pen is designed meticulously to vape dry herbs. It has a generous carrying chamber with capacity, for up to 0.4 grams of dry herbs. It heats up relatively fast and within 40 seconds, you are ready to inhale the vapor. This vape pen can heat up to 385 degrees, enhancing its capacity to deliver pure concentrates of nicotine and the cannabinoids yet ensuring user-friendliness. The Atmoss boss pen is more expensive than the V2 series but without doubt is also superior in terms of capacity and user- friendliness. You can shop for it this spring online at for only $124.95.

Cloud pen 2.0

If you think its name is glamorous, wait till you get a view and touch of it. This mini vape is designed targeting hippies. From its flamboyant casing to its multicolored exterior, this is just the best vape pen any hippie could wish for. It is decorated in 24 colors and varying patterns. It has a titanium grade coil in its atomizer enhancing its thermal efficiency. As a mini vape, it is highly portable. The Cloud pen is designed for solid concentrates and has a generous carrying chamber for its size. This mini vape pen comes with a Lithium ion battery that can last up to 2 days even with constant use. At, this mini vape pen goes for only $52.50, making it a highly affordable and efficient option for use by the hippies.

Cloud V Phantom

Yet another fantastic Vape pen, Cloud V Phantom is slightly larger than the other two above. It is designed for dry herbs. It has a carrying capacity of 0.3 grams of herbs. Its ease of use is what is outstanding about this vape pen. At the press of a button, it’s all systems go for vappers. It comes with Lithium ion batteries in duplicate which ensures that you can switch to the second battery immediately the first goes off. The standard switch off time for the Vape pen is only two minutes

For only $128.99, you can secure your own Cloud V phantom today at

Tippy Stix

One of the most unique and versatile vape pens available in the market, Tippy stix can be used with either wax or liquid concentrates. It is one of the best Vape pens for use with liquid or wax. It comes with a deep glass chamber that is patented for its unique design and absolute precision. Even for your ego, Tippy Stix stands out amongst the vape pens. It is easy to use and portable. It is also fully customizable making it an absolute source of pride for its owners and users.It comes with a USB charger, vapor chamber, an activator and a user guide.

V2 Pro series 3

A fully versatile 3 vape pen, the V2 Pro series 3 can be switched easily between dry herbs, waxes and e-liquids. This vape pen uses different cartilages for dry herbs, e-liquids and waxes that fits perfectly in the pen and are bound nicely by magnetic connection. The dry herb chamber can hold up to 0.1 g of herbs equivalent to 6 to 7 great puffs. It comes at a great price, only $59.99 on

The Dabbler

This push button pen brings the classics from Vapor Brothers and is such a delight to use, especially for those who have been using vape pens long enough. As a blend of modern advancements and the classics, this vape pen allows you to take enormous puffs with great ease.

With its animal print exterior design, it is a great gadget to floss with. A true product of the good old USA, the heating chamber is made up of top notch ceramics and comes with monitors for temperature and time. It is extremely reliable and does not cause inhalation of toxic metals since its heating chamber is made up of ceramic. It may be a little less portable, but this vape pen is certainly the best vape pen for the show and for the memories.Whether you are into the cannabinoids or nicotine, dry or liquid, there is certainly something cozy for you to sample from.


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