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The Safe Cig Review

The Safe Cig Review

Ingenuity of design and features not offered elsewhere, continue to excel safe cig to the top over all leading competitors similar products. Reasonably priced, the safe cig continues to be one of the most popular electronic cigarettes on the market. Justly deserving, the safe cig has achieved remarkable reviews with 100% complete customer satisfaction. With commitment and dedication to customer satisfaction, safe cig has excelled where others have failed. Try safe cig and experience the difference!



The Safe Cig: Excelling Where Others Fail

The safe cig was first introduced over four years ago. Credited with bringing the electronic cigarette to the United States, the creators of the safe cig remain a family owned company dedicated to the product that has revolutionized the smoking industry, changing millions of lives forever. With the majority of electronic cigarettes available throughout the Internet, there are basic components which require some assembly before use, not the safe cig. The safe cig is a two-piece electronic cigarette, requiring no assembly before use. Designed for simplicity of use, with features not found on other competitor’s similar products, the safe cig has become one of the most popular electronic cigarettes on the market today.

Unique Features:

Designed with integrity and unique styling, the safe cig possesses very distinct features not found on other similar products. In combination with the two-piece composition of the safe cig, the safe cig incorporates a disposable atomizer that is discarded after the contents of the flavor cartridge have been consumed. In addition, the flavor cartridge of the safe cig is larger, holding the equivalent to two packs of conventional cigarettes. Offering only three available flavor cartridges, the safe cig closely resembles the flavor of conventional cigarettes with great accuracy.

Starter Kits :

At the present time, the safe cig offers three starter kits, each designed for specific needs of the intended consumer. Starting at $69.99 for the safe cig basic starter kit, to $89.85 for the safe cig starter pro kit, the safe cig deluxe starter kit priced at $137.95 is the best value for the money and the most frequently ordered starter kit of the three available kits. Although the contents of all the safe cig starter kits available are similar in nature, it is recommended that the consumer thoroughly review the contents of all the safe cig available kits before ordering. Adding accessories to any of the safe cig starter kit is a great investment however accessories require an additional expenditure of funds which may inflate the overall cost of the particular starter kit selected.


Order the safe cig through safe and secure websites with a major credit card. There are no memberships to join, no monthly additional charges made to credit cards or hidden additional fees applied. With orders of $100 or more, shipping is “free” with additional savings available on all starter kits with printable coupons available on the safe cig website. With a strong customer service center all questions, concerns or comments about your order are answered in a polite, professional manner with within minutes, not days via the toll-free number provided with your order.


The safe cig reviews only continue to add support and recommendation of thousands of present users of the safe cig. The safe cig reviews have been remarkable with 100% complete customer satisfaction for superior performance and overall smoking fulfillment. The dedication that was presented in the discovery of the safe cig is clearly evident in a product that is destined to become the best selling electronic cigarette ever produced.


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