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The Ultimate Guide for Vapor Pens in 2016

The Ultimate Guide for Vapor Pens in 2016

Vapor PensMost people are conversant with e-cigarettes that substitute regular cigarettes without detrimental side effects. Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, vape pens do not burn anything hence no smoke nor ash created. As an alternative, these pens use heat to emit smoke that is colorless from its concentrates.

Vape pens use power from rechargeable batteries, and they are small in size that make them portable as compared to traditional hookahs that were bulky. They are alike in size and shape to a cigar or fountain pen, and they come in a diversity of attractive colors.

Vape pen users have the freedom to choose from a range of different concentrates, i.e., waxes, oils, and dry herb that come in distinct flavors. Ex-smokers can go for those that contain nicotine, but for those who vape for meditation and relaxation can choose tasty nicotine-free concentrates

The following vaporizers are the best according to their ratings:

  •     White Rhino Trifecta: it uses all the three concentrates
  •     Atmos Rx Raw Portable: uses wax and oil concentrates
  •     G-pen Portable vaporizers.
  •     710 Pen Portable Vaporizer.
  •     Pulsar Vortex Portable Vaporizers.

There are many features you should check in a decent portable vaporizer pen before making the decision to purchase one. The following are the qualities you should take into consideration:

Concentrate compatibility:

The most important concern should be whether you are planning to vape dry herbs, wax, or oil (e-liquid). Not all vaporizers can manage all the three concentrates since some are suitable to one or two concentrates.

Quality and durability:

It is possible that you can purchase a vaporizer for less than $ 100, but remember its quality and durability is compromised. In many cases, cheaper vaporizers will heat up gently, burning the concentrate, and even breaking when you need them most. There its is advisable that you go for a reliable vaporizer from a trustworthy manufacturer.

Aesthetics and features:

All vape pens are tube shaped though they have slight differences in their outer look, and you may find that a particular color or style appeals to you more. Some may also have unique features like temperature display or one-touch activation that can interest you.


Before you buy a vaporizer, it is important to know that there are many cheap counterfeits of branded vape pens on the Web. Unlawful imitation does not meet the quality levels of the original brands, and this results in a substandard and dissatisfying vaping experience.

Vaporizers do not emit smoke as a tobacco cigarette. Vape pens have a colorless fluid and are scentless which make it comfortable to smoke in public as compared to traditional cigarettes that release smoke with an offensive smell. Smokers find it too difficult to remove the smell from but with their skin and clothes, but vaporizers aid you in avoiding the bad smell.

People who smoke cigarettes harm themselves and people around them and the surroundings. However, when you use vaporizers you reduce your exposure to nicotine and it helps create a fresher breathing environment for others.

Vaporizers become enjoyable experience because of the vapor you inhale. Firms have put more effort and time to develop many flavored liquids that suit your taste. For instance, if you were smoking a menthol cigarette, they have created a menthol vaping liquid for you.

Laws and Regulations:

When vaporizers came on the market, people used to smoke anywhere, but nowadays ruled have been stipulated to regulate vaping in public places.

No FDA Regulations:

Production of vaporizers is not regulated, and this may lead to the inclusion of different products without your knowledge.

Keeping the Addiction:

It may be difficult for those who choose vape liquid that contain nicotine, to quit from vaping. This is because these vaporizers offer the same amount of nicotine as that in common tobacco cigarettes.

  •     There is no social discrimination since vaporizers have no offensive smell and smoke.
  •     Reduced health risks.
  •     They are small in size hence used anywhere.

Many users of vaporizers admit that it does not cause teeth decay and bad breath as to regular cigarettes.
Others say that they like vape pens since it is small in size and can carry them anywhere.

In case you want to purchase one, you can go online and make an order from the official website of vaporizer manufacturers. You can check the price display before you buy.For example, White Rhino Liquid Pen costs $ 49.99, White Rhino Oil Vaporizers will go for up to $ 59.99.

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