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The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Cigarettes

The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Cigarettes – The Quick and Simple 2016 Guide

Electronic cigarettes are all the rage today – they're dubbed as a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarette smoking and they've become the coolest thing to happen since nicotine patches. But what are they exactly? Do they help you quit smoking? Or are they just another smoking fad that's simply adding to the mirage of options that cause harm to the user?This review seeks to help you understand the world of e-cigarette smoking and hopefully lead you to finding the best electronic cigarette available in the market.

An Overview of Electronic Cigarettes

The Ultimate Guide to Electronic CigarettesElectronic cigarettes or ecigs are battery-powered devices that are most often manufactured to look like actual tobacco cigarettes. These devices have a cylindrical look, and consists of 3 main parts: a lithium battery, a vaporizer chamber, and a cartridge.

Ecigs are manufactured as an alternative to smoking but not necessarily as a means to help you quit smoking altogether. They mimic the effects of tobacco cigarette smoking, in the sense that you inhale through the device and it creates a smoke-like vapor. It doesn't require a match as you won't need to create a flame. The "smoke" it produces comes from the vaporizer chamber and it leaves no ash, no tar, and no unpleasant odors.

These devices were first patented in 2003 by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik, and since then, manufacturers from all the world have continued to create their very own versions but all with the same goal of mimicking the effects and satisfaction of tobacco cigarette smoking.

Electronic CigarettesPros and Cons

ignite_e_cigThese devices are dubbed to be a healthier option than actual tobacco cigarettes because they do not contain the hundreds or thousands of carcinogens present in tobacco. Since the ecig will not be producing any actual smoke from flame, there is no secondhand smoke whatsoever, which means they're absolutely safe to use around people. And because the vapor actually comes from a propylene glycol liquid, which is FDA-approved, there's no real threat to your health, unlike tobacco, which is scientifically known to cause lung cancer and other respiratory diseases.

Ecigs can also be brought around anywhere. Since they don't produce secondhand smoke and the vapor gives off a pleasant smell, you can use it indoors. You can "smoke" inside restaurants, theaters, or even in your own home without upsetting the people around you.

And the fact that ecigs, except for the disposable kind, contain a rechargeable lithium battery, they can potentially last for years, helping you save a ton of money that would've otherwise been wasted on tobacco cigarettes.

Health benefits of using the device include less instances of asthma attacks for the user and the people around you, less risk for lung diseases and even heart disease, and using them is good for the environment since you're not burning anything.

However, since the ecig has only been used globally since 2003 and more recently in many parts of the world, there hasn't really been a lot of scientific studies on its actual benefits and side effects. Some critics believe ecigs are equally as harmful as tobacco cigarettes and some countries have even banned the manufacture and sale of the device simply because of false claims.

In terms of addiction, tobacco cigarette smoking is highly addictive and weaning yourself can be an incredibly difficult endeavor. Critics believe that ecigs are also equally addictive since they contain nicotine as well. While users can choose to use eliquids that do not contain any nicotine, most users are simply not satisfied without it.

Benefits and What to Expect

e-cigarette-mechanics-copy-1024x627Here is a concise list of the benefits of using electronic cigarettes:

  •     >Considered to be a healthier choice over tobacco cigarettes
  •     >Can choose to use ecigs without nicotine for an even healthier option
  •     >Can still meet your nicotine cravings with different nicotine percentages
  •     >Rechargeable lithium battery makes it last a lifetime, which means more savings
  •     >Absence of secondhand smoke allows you to smoke anytime and anywhere
  •     >Absence of hundreds of carcinogens makes it gentle on your health
  •     >Ecigs with clearomizers allow you to enjoy thousands of different flavors for ultimate satisfaction

In short, electronic cigarettes are marketed to be a safer choice to meet your nicotine cravings. And because they're gentle on the environment and on people, you get to enjoy your nicotine fix even more without having to worry about the people around you.

If you've never tried using the device before, then it may be a difficult task to know which product to buy and how exactly you use the ecig. To make the transition easier, consider buying a disposable ecig to give it a try before you make the investment on buying a rechargeable device.

Get a good feel of the ecig and gauge whether or not you are comfortable with using it and if you think it can help you reduce your consumption of tobacco cigarettes. If you enjoy it, then make the jump to buying your first genuine rechargeable electronic cigarette for long-term use.

Where to Buy the Best Electronic Cigarette

ecigsThere are countless brands available online and to get the best product in the market, you'd have to do your research. Ask friends, read reviews, check their social media presence, and most importantly, check if the brand has a satisfaction guarantee. You must be able to get your full money back if the product is defective or if you don't like the results.

You also have to make sure the company provides several avenues for communication, such as a toll-free number, email address, and most of all, they must provide their customers with their headquarter's official address.

Online shops usually have larger selections than brick and mortar stores, and they often have better prices since they have less operational costs. While local stores may be a safer choice, you are sacrificing price and better selections. It depends on what your priorities are.

If you decide that you want to use an ecig so you can quit smoking, the price range for basic ecigs are somewhere from $30 to $50. But if you've already decided to make the big jump, the price range for ecigs with more features is $100 to $500.And lastly, if you want to use ecigs for enjoyment purposes, always choose a brand with devices that contain tanks compatible with standard cartomizers so you get to have unlimited options when it comes to flavors.

Electronic cigarettes aren't just a fad or meet a recreational need. They have been proven to help users ease the transition from tobacco cigarette smoking to quitting smoking altogether, helping people live healthier lives. Though studies are yet to be made about the effects of long-term use, actual reviews from actual users have nothing but praise for how cigs have made their lives even better.Take these tips to heart when choosing the best electronic cigarette for you, and start your journey to a healthier and more enjoyable smoking experience.


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