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Tips & Tricks of electronic cigarette

Tips & Tricks of electronic cigarette

What causes and Atomizer to go bad???
The most common cause of atomizer death is for the reservor in the atomizer to get low on liquid.
The atomizer is a heating element and the act of vaporizing the liquid is what keeps the atomizer from burning up.
Many people expect to get a lot more from a cartridge and will continue to use there e-cigarette long after the cartridge is to dry to properly cool the atomizer.
I have atomizers that are over a year old and are still going strong because I don't let them dry out. Of course there is a fine line between keeping your atomizer moist enough to keep it from burning out and flooding it, which is why I always recommend topping up your cartridges.
If your atomizer should stop producing vapor the first thing to try is to put a couple of drops of liquid directly into the atomizer and let it sit with the mouthpiece pointing up for about a minute and then try using it again.

Is your e cigarette  Battery acting up??

We test every battery and atomizer before it leaves, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t occasionally problems withe components. One of the most common occurrences is that the switch in the e-Cigarette battery gets jostled during shipping and the batter appears to be broken. There are a couple of things to try and if they don’t work Ill be glad to replace the battery.

The first thing is to try tapping the tip of the battery (the LED end) a few times on a hard surface. Don’t go to crazy but give it a good thump or two and then try to use it.
If that doesn’t work try tapping the other end.. If neither of those methods work Ill be more than happy to send you a replacement.

If your electronic cigarette atomizer starts to be difficult to draw on or is producing less vapor you might need to clean it out.
Electronic cigarette Atomizer Cleaning:

Method #1 (the Preferred method)
1. Remove the battery and cartridge from the atomizer
2. Blow in the battery end of the atomizer to clear all the old liquid out (you may want to have paper towel handy to catch the liquid as it comes out of the mouthpiece end)
3. Set the atomizer in a pan full of water and bring the water to a boil slowly, let the atomizer boil for 30 seconds to a minute then remove from the heat.
4. Let the atomizer cool
5. Blow the water out of the atomizer from the battery end (use the paper towel again to avoid making a mess)
6. Prime the atomizer with either a fresh cartridge or a drop of e-liquid
7. Let the atomizer sit for about 10 minutes and then take a few drags to make sure that all is working well again.

Method #2
1. Soak the e cigarette atomizer in a mixture of 50% warm water and 50% white distilled vinegar for approximately 1 hour. (you may want to swish the atomizer around in this solution a little to improve cleaning)
2. Rinse the Atomizer out, the best way to do that is to run warm (almost to warm to touch) tap water through the atomizer with the water entering the mouthpiece. Run water through the atomizer for a couple of minutes and then blow the atomizer out. When you blow the atomizer out plug the center hole on the bottom of the atomizer (at the battery end) with a pencil eraser and blow the water trapped in the atomizer out. (do not use any form of compressed air as this may damage the atomizer)
3. Repeat the rinsing and the blowing out of the atomizer several times.
4. Use a hair dryer set on low heat to dry out the atomizer the rest of the way.
5. Place a fresh cartridge in the atomizer and let it sit with the mouthpiece up for 20 minutes or more.(this allows some of the liquid nicotine to seep back into the atomizer so that you don’t burn it up) Or if you have e-liquid you can just add a drop or two to the atomizer.
6. Once the atomizer has been primed (there is liquid in the reservoir) you can start using it as usual.

You may also soak the atomizer in a sonic cleaner with the same mixture.

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