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V2 Cigs E Cigarettes

V2 Cigs The #1 Electronic Cigarette on the market.

Founded by three ex-smokers, v2 cigs is perhaps the smallest electronic cigarette company in existence but yet the one company with the biggest potential. With affordable pricing well below competitor brands, the v2 cigs has created a “getting started program” that is not seen anywhere on the Internet today. This small company has managed to create an electronic cigarette that will eventually out-sell all competitors, continuing to grow daily. See what all the excitement is about. Visit v2cigs website today!


V2Cigs: Small Company with Big Potential

Perhaps the smallest electronic cigarette company in existence, v2 cigs was found by three ex-smokers of conventional cigarettes, who believe that their success is based on the loss of loved ones who once smoked traditional cigarettes for many years, passing from smoking related illnesses. Through trial and error, working in cramped quarters, the dedication to the production of a electronic cigarette, so unique to other similarly offered products has produced a electronic cigarette, the v2cigs, from a small company with big potential. Other manufacturers are here-by forewarned, v2cigs has positioned themselves to be the number one selling electronic cigarette worldwide.


Looking for an electronic cigarette on the Internet, an individual will soon realize that there is an over-abundance of electronic cigarette websites available, each claiming to be the best for less. With countless hours spent reading all the fine print associated with many of these other websites, containing information that makes the “best” deal less attractive, the v2cigs website presents all information in a clear to understand manner with all available products and associated costs clearly defined in great detail.

Getting Started

Getting started with any electronic cigarette requires a belief in the product and a firm conviction from the individual to better way to enjoy complete smoking satisfaction for less. The v2cigs offers the most selective starter kits of any electronic cigarette on the market today, with overall value that costs more on competitive brands. The v2 cigs starter kits include:

  • V2 cigs Economy Starter Kit- $64.95 Contains ten (10) v2cigs pre-selected flavor filled cartridges
  • V2 cigs Standard Starter Kit- $89.95.Now only $79.95. Save $10.00. Includes ten (10) pre-selected flavor filled cartridges
  • V2 cigs “blue” Starter Kit- $199.95. Now only $89.95. Save $110.00. Includes twenty-five (25) pre-selected flavor filled cartridges
  • V2 cigs Traveler Starter Kit- $109.95. Contains fifteen (15) pre-selected flavor filled cartridges. Designed with accessories for those that travel for employment positions or  leisure
  • V2 cigs Couples Starter Kit- $149.95. Contains twenty (20) pre-selected flavor filled cartridges. Contents of v2 cigs couples starter kit contains two (2) of each item to maintain harmony between couples that smoke
  • V2 cigs Ultimate Starter Kit-$159.95. Now only $149.95. Save $10.00. Contains twenty-five (25) pre-selected flavor filled cartridges with all accessories, not included in any other electronic cigarette starter kit on the Internet.
  • One pre-selected flavor filled v2 cigs cartridge is equivalent to one pack of tobacco cigarettes costing less than $3.00 per cartridge. Substantial savings over conventionally priced cigarettes is only one of the many benefits of v2 cigs.

Present consumers of v2 cigs continue to recommend this remarkable product to all that are frustrated with over-priced traditional cigarettes. The v2 cigs review continue to offer additional support for a product that is well designed, extremely affordable and effective in producing the overall smoking satisfaction that is sought. Millions of previous smokers of over-priced conventional cigarettes are now using v2cigs from a small company with big potential.

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