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Valid Reasons People Switch to E Cigarette

Even in the era when information of every kind is few clicks away, it is very hard to convince a smoker about the harms and hazards smoking can have on his or her body.  It is probably in human nature that the smokers always attempt to deny their dependency on nicotine as they always have the feeling that they can quit whenever they want to. However, practically speaking as the body gets used to nicotine and demands a supply of it after a while it is among the very hard habits to break. It cannot be claimed that electronic cigarettes are very beneficial for health, but the fact remains that they are way less harmful than normal cigarettes. Only a mere fact that e-smoking prevents the body from inhaling about 4000 unhealthy poisonous ingredients though the body only develops the urge to get nicotine only, should be enough to convince the smokers about the cons of smoking normal cigarettes. There are various reasons people switch to E cigarette or should switch to E cigarette to stay healthy by avoiding the inevitable terminals diseases for as long as possible.

Smoking is inarguably the single most important reason behind various heart conditions, most of these heart conditions prove fatal. Smoking disturbs the way blood is circulated in the body as a result chances of catching condition like Angina or having a heart attacks becomes very likely. Only in the land of queen, people in excess of one hundred thousand meet their maker due to smoking. Of those a little more than 40 percent die due to cancer in different part of their bodies whereas 30 percent die due to heart complication and another 30 percent face the fatal lung conditions. These statistics portrays a bleak picture, but the numbers could be reduced drastically if the smokers chose to have electric cigarettes instead of conventional cigarettes.

Smoking, Cancer and E-Cigarettes:

Among the reasons people switch to E cigarettes is the decreased chances of ending up with cancer in one or multiple parts of the body including skin, blood etc. Smokers are more likely to get cancer. For instance, more than 90 percent lung cancers are caused by smoking alone. Cancer can hit anyone, but smokers are more likely to end up with the bad part of the deal. Smokers with daily consumption of 15 death sticks have 25 percent chance of falling into the deadly clutches of lung cancer. Contribution of smoking to lung cancer victim is so huge that if we assume there are no smokers in the world then lung cancer would be as common as condition like polio and only half a percent of overall population would be falling into it. Story does not end here as smokers are also more likely victims of oral cancers like mouth cancer. Smokers have a 25 percent more chance of ending up with mouth cancer. Smokers are also more fragile toward other types of cancers including but not limited to cervical, bladder, kidney, to name a few. E Cigarettes can save the day as the vapor inhaled is free from many items that contribute to development of different cancers in the body. Reasons people switch to E cigarette gets more apparent once they have the knowledge.


There are multiple reasons people switch to E Cigarette, but the top one remains the fact that it can protect you from many heart conditions and cancer development in body along with many other medical conditions. By using an E-cig, smokers can have the desired satisfaction of smoking but do not have to intake many other harmful substances.

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