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Vibe Starter Kit and E-Cigarette!

Vibe Starter Kit and E-Cigarette!

The vibe electronic cigarette continues to be one of the best selling electronic cigarettes on the Internet today. Backed by a strong, completely satisfied customer support base, the vibe e-cig continues to attract attention due to recent national recognition on syndicated networks and television programs. For a limited time, the manufacturers of the vibe electric cigarette offer first time users a opportunity to experience complete “smokeless” satisfaction for only $3.95 less than a pack of traditionally priced cigarettes. Experience the difference….experience the smoking trend of the future…..the vibe electronic cigarette.



Vibe Electronic Cigarette: The Right Decision

Without much thought, provocation or research involved searching the Internet for electronic cigarette websites can be accomplished in a matter of a few minutes. Upon looking at the availability of the vast selection of electronic cigarettes to choose from it is difficult at best to determine which product is better than the other. Often confusion and frustration lead to a bad decision and subsequently when the product is received, it is less than expected.

When choosing an electronic cigarette, there are many factors to be considered other than the original cost of the merchandise in question. Always look for a product with a strong reputation in overall customer satisfaction and reviews from present users of a particular product. Taking all information into consideration will eventually lead you to only one website with the highest recommendations, the vibe electronic cigarette website.


Since the initial conception and introduction of the vibe electronic cigarette, consumers were automatically drawn to a new way to enjoy complete smoking satisfaction without the harmful side effects of traditional cigarettes. Engineered to be the best, the vibe e-cig continues to receive high acclamations from present users of this ingeniously designed cigarette with additional recommendations to family, friends and close associates. Building a reputation on reliability, the vibe electronic cigarette continues to excel above all others with 9 out of 10 individuals presently using the vibe e-cig remaining loyal customers.

National Recognition

With health conscious individuals concerned about the harmful effects of “second-hand smoke”, the vibe electronic cigarette has received national recognition as the pioneer in the invention of a “smokeless” cigarette that produces no harmful omissions into the air for others to breathe. Featured on syndicated television shows and networks including MSNBC, ABS and CNN, the vibe electronic cigarette has also been featured on prime television spots including “The Doctors”, receiving approval for taking the initiative in the production of a “smokeless” cigarette which releases no carcinogenic toxins into the air, providing for a “greener environment” for all to enjoy.

Continued Support

The vibe electronic cigarette continues to receive support from millions of present users of the vibe e-cig. With complete satisfaction for overall superior smoking fulfillment, the vibe electronic cigarette continues to shine brightly through the murky clouds surrounding other similar products. Based on present consumer responses, the vibe electronic cigarette continues to receive undeniable support in dramatic cost reductions with the use of the vibe e-cig over traditionally over-priced expensive conventional cigarette brands. With average prices for the vibe electronic cigarette at an incredible $2.50 (based on a pack of 20 conventional cigarettes) the vibe e-cig is not only a great value but a value that continues to save each and every year.


This exciting new way to complete smoking satisfaction can only be ordered online through secure and safe websites with a major credit card. As an introductory offer to first time users, the manufacturers’ of the vibe electronic cigarette are offering a 14 day “trial offer for only $3.95! This offer is for a limited time only while supplies last. Visit the vibe electronic cigarette website for further details. Hesitation will only lead to disappointment and losing an opportunity of a lifetime to make the right decision.

3 Comments/Reviews

  • Lori J Osborne says:

    I have been trying for months to get a reply from you, the vibe e- cigarette has never worked right, it doesen’t stay charged and I would very much like my money back. Please contact me by e-mail so I can get in contact with someone who can help me.

  • John says:

    Can't seem to buy Vibe refill cartridges anywhere, what's the deal ?

  • Stive says:

    We will try to find it for you in the next couple of days

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