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What is a Vape Mod

6206137_f260In the modern day, smoking has been improved by the introduction of electronic cigarettes which are also well-known to as vapor cigs. These Vapor cigs have become common in many parts of the world since they help people quit their smoking habits by switching to safe and healthy vaporizers. Vapor cigs are similar to standard cigarettes in size that makes it easy for you to carry them anywhere. With these new products, you have the freedom to choose the content you want to vape and in most case it comes in tasty flavors that are attractive as compared to the unpleasant smell of regular cigarettes.

Mod Vape This is an electronic cigarette that emit a vapor that is like smoke, and it glow. They consist three main parts namely: atomizer, cartridge, and battery. These pieces are small in size making them it favorable to use this device just like the ordinary cigarettes. The device’s battery is rechargeable using a USB charger, wall sockets, car and some come with a portable charger for those individuals who travel a lot.

Pros of Vape Mod:

Durability: The design of this product is made in a manner that it can serve you for a long period without experiencing any problem. Therefore, you should try this excellent product, and you will get the assurance that it will always serve you for quite some time.

Good battery life: Its battery has the power to last for a lengthy period hence does not require you to change battery often.

Flexibility: This device is made in a manner that you can change its wattage/voltage, and it gives you the freedom to use the flavor that you require.Portability: Usually electronic cigarettes are small in size that makes them easy to carry anywhere you go as compared to traditional shisha.

Cons of Vape Mod:

Bulky and heavy: Although this device may be small in size, it is usually bulky and cumbersome which discourages many people from carrying them. This is because of the battery and charger that you need to take with you in case you are traveling.More expensive: Normally e-cigs are pricey than the usual cigarettes hence some individuals cannot afford to by one.Complexity: Using e-cigarette vapor needs one to learn which some people may consider time-consuming and challenging.

Benefits/What to expect

The primary reason that makes most people prefer e-smoking is the health benefits that it has over regular cigarettes. In e-liquids, you mainly inhale four ingredients namely: vegetable glycerin, food-grade flavors, propylene glycol and nicotine. Whereas cigarette smoke includes substances like tar, cyanide, carbon monoxide, and acetone that are harmful to human health. Hence, it is advisable you switch to e-cigarette vapor so as to avert health risks posed by cigarettes.

E-Cigarettes Saves Money:

In case you are not going to change to e-cigs for health-related reasons, you will probably learn that the price of electronic cigarettes is the greatest benefit amongst pros and cons of e-cigarettes. For instance if you will switch entirely to e-cigarettes, you have the guarantee to save up to $ 2000 in a year. Even though purchasing one starter kit might seem to be an expensive investment, it will only cost you $ 20 a week or so. Hence, you should consider e-cigarette vapor because it is cost-effective and side effect free at the same time as compared to a usual cigarette.

Does not produce offensive smell:

Usually, people who do not smoke hate the odor of regular cigarettes. Good enough, e-cigarette vapor come in a mild scent that stays in the air for a few seconds and fades away permanents as compared to regular cigarettes that stings eyes, smells awful, aggravates allergies and stays in the air for an extended period. Therefore, it is good you switch to e-cigarette vapor since it has no irritating odor that may disrupt people around you.

How to proceed with ordering and cost of the product:

In case you want to try this excellent product, you can go online to the official website of certified dealers and make your order. Usually, you will be given the freedom to select the product you need from different offers that are on display at their respective prices.Below are some of the prices of the e-liquids: VaporFi Grand Reserve Rainbow Custard 30ML-$ 21.99VaporFi 10ML E-liquid Sampler 3-pack $ 24.99VaporFi VOX II MOD Starter Kit $ 199.9Custom Blend 30ML $ 15.99VaporFi Pro II Starter Kit $ 48.97, and it comes in different colors.


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