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What is an electronic cigarette? The green cigarette explained

So what is an electronic cigarette? Simply put, an electronic cigarette is an electronic device that is a close simulation of a traditional cigarette. It is the modern carcinogen and tar free smoking device that is also an alternative to the traditional smokes like cigarettes, pipes and cigars. Powered by a battery, the device is divided into a number of compartments which combine efforts to produce does of nicotine or non nicotine vapor which is inhaled.

The good news about it is that it gives a satisfaction just like that which one gets from a dose of nicotine from a traditional cigarette. If you have been wondering what is an electronic cigarette and why it has created so much fuss in the market, then you are well advised that it is the greener, cleaner and healthier version of smoking.

You do not really know the importance of the answer to the question: what is an electronic cigarette? Until you really need a puff and then you find yourself surrounded by smoking bans everywhere, you will not know that the electronic cigarette is really essential. What is an electronic cigarette to most people is a device that allows them to puff away happily any where, including even in the office. All said and done, there are so many ,benefits that you will accrue from using the e cigarette, but you can only enjoy them if you get the answer to the question what is an electronic cigarette.

To understand what is an electronic cigarette, you first have to   read information about it and most of that can be found online. The good thing is that this device is becoming popular by the day and as a result there are many brand names that are manufacturing the same. If you want to use one, you will be spoilt for choice because they now teem in the market, both online and in the local stores. But first, can you really understand what is an electronic cigarette before you know how it operates? The smart thing is to first look at how this electronic device that is the current rave in the market, works. To know what an e-cig is and how it operates, just read on.

The operation of the electric cigarette is very simple for both   the automatic and the manual models of the e-cig. For the manual  cigarette, you only have to puff on your cigarette and a sensor   activates the heating element that in turn vaporizes the nicotine or non nicotine solution that is contained in the cartridge. Yes, it is as simple as that and you will be puffing your way to happiness. On the cheaper manually operated electric cigarette devices, you only have to depress a button on the to activate the atomizer that produces the vapor that resembles tobacco smoke in taste, feel and smell but which is just vapor that turns into water when released into the atmosphere.

There; still wondering what is an electric cigarettes? Really, it is just a combination of three parts, the batteries, the cartridge and the atomizer. If you have any doubts about this eclectic smoking device, then you should abolish your doubts because it has been in the market for quite sometime now, considering that it was first released in 2004. As a smoker, what is an electronic cigarette is not the major issue of concern here, but what is important is that you will not be facing an early grave as you smoke.


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