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Whats Prado E-Cig Offering?

Smokers, that have smoked traditional standard cigarettes for a number of years, are now offered smoking options that are odorless and smokeless producing similar full flavor satisfaction achieved from their present brand of cigarettes. Prado E-Cig (Electronic Cigarette) was founded on the principal of eliminating all negative aspects of smoking traditional cigarettes, providing a highly engineered product that would greatly benefit the consumer while saving thousands of dollars per year. The Prado E-cigarette has surpassed all previous expectations in design implementation and style with the Prado E-Cig, which continues to gain national media attention on a frequent basis.

Intricate Design and Style

Intricate in design and style, the Prado E-cigarette appears feels and tastes like a traditional cigarette without the harmful side effects including “second-hand” smoke. The Prado electric cigarettes is virtually smokeless, ending long trips to the outdoors in inclement weather to enjoy your favorite traditional cigarette. Due to the smokeless capability of the Prado E-cigarette, the full flavored tobacco cartridge of the Prado E-cigarette can be fully enjoyed in the comfort of the individuals’ home, surrounded by family and friends with no release of “second hand smoke”, or toxins, guaranteed.

The Prado E-Cig is powered by a 1.5v lithium rechargeable battery for longer life. In combination with a sophisticated microprocessor and sensor, the Prado E-Cig full flavored cartridge is heated to a pre-determined temperature, releasing the contents of the full flavored Prado E-cigarette cartridge, each time the individual drags on the deep rich texture of the Prado E-cigarette filter. Vapors, appearing as smoke, seen from the exhaling of a traditional standard cigarette, are immediately vaporized by the Prado E-Cig stainless steel atomizer, included in the Prado E-Cig introductory offer kit, with no odor or lasting foul smell. LED displays at the end of the Prado E-Cig light up each time the individual drags on the Prado E-cigarette filter, resembling burning embers of a standard cigarette for full visual appearance.

Inclusive in the Prado E-Cig introductory offer, the consumer is offered choices of flavor cartridges from full tobacco to menthol. In addition, the Prado E-cigarette consumer may pre-select nicotine cartridges in flavors of full, light, ultra light to “No Nicotine” for smokers searching for a viable alternative to “quit smoking” programs by gradually decreasing the intake of nicotine on a daily basis. Prado E-cigarette nicotine cartridges are formulated to closely resemble the flavor of the individual smoker’s favorite brand of traditional cigarettes for complete and full satisfaction with a fraction of the cost associated with standard traditional cigarette per pack pricing.

Introductory Offer

The Prado E-Cig introductory offer can only be ordered online with a major credit card. The Prado E-cigarette introductory “trial offer” is inclusive with the following contents:

(1) Prado Electronic Cigarette designed for years of extensive use.

(1), Rechargeable lithium battery for longer life.

(1), Stainless steel atomizer

(10)  High strength (16mg) nicotine cartridges

(1) Wall charger

(1) USB Charger

(1) Collector’s gift box

(1) Quick start, ease to understand starter’s manual

Lifetime warranty

“Satisfaction guaranteed or your money promptly refunded”

The Prado E-Cig introductory offer normally sells for $149.95. For a “limited time” the entire Prado E Cig package can be ordered for a one-time credit charge of $9.95, shipping and handling charges, for a 14 day “trial offer”. Upon expiration of the 14 day Prado E-cigarette “trial offer”, an additional one-time credit charge of $149.90 will be charged for the Prado E-Cig “trial offer” package and one full month of full flavored nicotine cartridges in the pre-determined, pre-selected flavor of choice. Monthly charges will ensue thereafter, in the amount of $59.95 plus $9.95, shipping and handling charges for twenty (20) additional Prado E cigarette flavored cartridges of choice, with continued monthly billing as designated by the consumer.

With present traditional cigarettes soaring to new records, exceeding over $8.00 per pack, Prado E-Cig is estimated to save the average smoker thousands of dollars per year, depending on present smoking habits and usage. Heavy or chain smokers will receive additional benefits with continued use of the Prado E-cigarette, with additional savings surpassing all expectations.

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